12/14: Silas Young vs. Mark Briscoe at ROH Final Battle

Posted by Pro Wrestling on Monday, November 11th, 2013


From ROHWrestling.com:

Silas Young claims to be the “Last Real Man in Professional Wrestling.” That boast could be challenged by any of the ROH locker room, but no one fits the bill quite like Mark Briscoe. The road from Sandy Fork has been filled with blood and broken bodies – just the missing teeth alone prove Mark Biscoe ain’t no pretty boy! So it comes as no surprise that these two athletes have their sights set on each other as Final Battle looms.

It all started back at A New Dawn in Hopkins, MN when Briscoe took on Young in singles competition. Mark was the victor via Sunset Flip, but rather than admit defeat and shake hands (like a man…?), Silas Young attacked his opponent until referees and security dragged him away. Any other night, both men would have been kept separated by ROH officials until they cooled off and went home…but Hopkins happened to host the Honor Rumble with both Mark Briscoe and Silas Young officially entered! Tempers were still boiling as the match began, and once again it seemed Mark had the upper hand as he eliminated Silas and cost him an ROH World Championship opportunity. Furious, Young dragged Briscoe out of the ring – with the Honor Rumble still in progress! – and pummeled him, smashing him into the guardrails and leaving the scraps. Somehow, Mark Briscoe managed to WIN the Honor Rumble and received an ROH world title shot that same night. Briscoe would succumb to Adam Cole…but who can say how much the earlier attacks from Silas Young played into that defeat?

Silas Young and Mark Briscoe would get another opportunity to face each other at Glory by Honor XII in Chicago Ridge, IL. This time, the ROH record books will show Silas Young as the victor, but anyone who watched the match could clearly see that Young’s winning roll-up had an assist in the form of feet on the ropes for added leverage. Incensed, Mark Briscoe jumped on his opponent after the three count registered. The two brawled until Young deployed a tactic that would derail any real man – a low blow. As Briscoe staggered, Young grabbed ROH senior official Todd Sinclair and removed the referee’s belt. Using the belt, Silas whipped and battered Mark until officials and security were able to stop the attack, but the message was clear. After several heated matches and locker room attacks, Silas Young and Mark Briscoe must challenge each other once more in the ultimate battle of real men.

At Final Battle 2014, it will be Mark Briscoe vs. Silas Young in a STRAP MATCH. Nigel McGuinness has decided the only way to settle this grudge is to yoke these men together with a leather strap and let them whip, choke, and beat themselves until one is able to drag the other around the ring and touch all four corner-posts. On December 14, there will finally be something Mark Briscoe and Silas Young agree on: nothing makes you a man quicker than getting beaten with a strap! Don’t wait, get your tickets now by clicking here!!

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