Absent WWE Star To Be Re-packaged?, Snitsky Wrestling In Canada


– WWE creative writers are contemplating repackaging Wade Barrett and giving him a strong push. The English grappler has not appeared on television since last month, following multiple losses to Daniel Bryan.

– Former WWE Superstar Gene Snitsky has been announced to face Kory Kincaid and JJ Sanchez in Handicap Match on October 12 in Selkirk, Manitoba, for Canadian Wrestling’s Elite.

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Source: F4WOnline.com

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      • I’m not surprised. WWE has been ridiculizing Lucha Libre since Vince Jr bought the company from his father.

        As for Barrett it seems winning NXT is now synonymous with being a Divas search winner, in other words it’s good for an immediate push and then it’s downhill afterwards. Same as the TOUGH ENOUGH winners.

  1. would like to see snitsky an barrett come back with kane as the new kane and undertaker barrett was once consider to become undertakers successer and snitsky well he looks and can be like kane as good as kane

  2. We wouldn’t have to put up with these dumb Mexican wrestlers if all you people didn’t sneak over here. WE THE PEOPLE!

    • We wouldn’t have to put up with you jobbing all the time if you would’ve avoided hitting that spliff like 2 trains colliding. We The Beaners.


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