AJ to Defend World Title Outside of TNA, Dixie Comments on Ethan, More

Posted by DailyWrestlingNews.com on Saturday, October 26th, 2013

AJ Styles

- Dixie Carter tweeted about her “nephew” Ethan Carter III’s Impact Wrestling debut on Thursday:

“Just re-watched @EthanCarterTNA in his #Impact debut. Great job darlin!! So proud of you!!!! XOXO”

- Regarding negative feedback to Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling, it was written by the crew that was writing the Impact shows leading up to Bound For Glory.

- As seen on Thursday’s Impact Wrestling, AJ Styles “walked out” of the company with the TNA World Heavyweight Title. TNA is planning on sending AJ to The Great Muta’s promotion in Japan and AAA in Mexico where he will defend the belt and claim to be the real TNA World Champion. This will lead to a champion vs. champion match somewhere down the line.

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Partial source: PWInsider

  • Franklin

    I know it will never happen, but if Daniel Bryan wins the title from Orton, how cool would it be if Styles just shows up for a staredown?

  • Tint Man Dan Nieto


    • Mr. Baker

      just stop making comments..bad enough THE CAPS ARE IN FULL EFFECT, but to say he would destroy Brian?? Wow if you aren’t a TNA mark!!

  • Tint Man Dan Nieto


  • Jason Campolo

    tna needs to get there own story line wwe did that with punk and cena wwe should sue tna

    • Timothy Graham

      You need to get your own comment and opinion, because this has already been done.

      • Timothy Graham

        That sounds nasty and I have nothing against you, but if the idea of copying someone else is so bad to you, it would be a good idea to refrain from doing so your self. There’s nothing wrong with copying, It’s all about the quality.

  • Dan Iacovelli

    the real heavyweight champion? didn’t ric flair do the same thing when he left WCW for WWF and with big Gold(the WCW belt). TNA can’t come up with a orignal idea could they.

  • Benj

    In other words…. using WWE’s gimmick from a few years ago when Punk walked out as WWE champ

  • allan

    See this is something wwe wouldn’t do

    • Ryan Ross

      you dont watch wwe do you? they did this years ago.

      • allan

        Ya I do… I know even though I watch it less these days lol no I meant the defending the title in another company

  • fmdof

    negative feedback? I mean yeah, there was a lot of talking on the episode of Impact, but I think it was needed to get the post BFG stories rolling. As for AJ walking out, I like it. I mean, yeah CM Punk did that 2 years ago, but who cares. Its a good story line, and If he actually defends it elsewhere, well then thats more than what CM Punk did. “OOOO look, i put my belt in the fridge”

  • Timothy Graham

    Breaking Bad would never have existed if people never copied each other because Weeds was already on the air. The premise being a down on their luck suburbanite resorts to dealing drugs for financial security. Of course there are differences in the paths that each show went down and in the quality of the product (pun not initially intended but left in because my inner thesaurus was temporarily disabled).

  • 316

    OMG, imagine the WWE title being defended in a much weaker company, how stupid would that be. Thats why WWE would never do that, because they are the only company that actually matters, all the other ones are just a cheap lame ass copy cat, WWE wanna be, if all of the TNA wrestles would get an offer they would jump in a heartbeat lets be freakin realistic and ALL you TNA fans are dilusional tjhinking that TNA would be or could be any threat or in the same league than WWE, I mean ring of honor is better than TNA. Its funny how in the real world nobody even knows what TNA is, I travel the world for work and every time we talk about wrestling no one ever says yeah I know what TNA is, some have even replied “Tits and Ass” what a joke.

  • 316

    This is what is gonna happen, once TNA falls, the few wrestlers that have potential will join WWE. What do you think?……. IT DOESN”T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!! (Had to do that) lol

  • kenneth

    its funny when CM Punk won the wwe title people wanted him to defend it outside of the WWE. now TNA is copying the wwe people don’t want aj styles to defend the title outside of TNA.

  • Mr. Baker

    For all the “Smart Marks” out there…TNA isn’t doing anything WWF/WCW didn’t to each other and what Vince did to basically EVERY promotion since he bought the company from his pops…There’s no such thing as an ORIGINAL idea in the wrestling/entertainment business, everything is recycled….case in point …the NWO..

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