Wrestler’s Arrests

Wrestler’s Arrests


Jim Neidhart 9/8/98 Penscola, FL Wrote a bad Check

Scott Hall 10/1/98 Orlando, FL Keyed a limo

Paul Wright 12/3/98 Memphis, Tenn Assulted/Exposed a Hotel Clerk

Tammy Sytch 2/5/99 Middlesex County, NJ Acted Strangly

Jerry Lawler 3/16/99 Memphis, Tenn Threw ticket at cop/ran over foot

Scott Steiner 3/17/99 Cherokee Assulted a Cherokee Worker

Jake Roberts 3/25/99 Athens Ga Back on Child Support Charges

Jerry Flynn 4/29/99 PA Drunk Driving

Juventud Guerrera 4/29/99 PA Drunk Driving

Swoll 8/??/99 (N/A) Speeding & back on child support bills

Scott Hall 11/22/00 Seminole County, Florida Drunk Driving

Scott Hall 12/??/00 ?? Assult

Jake Roberts 6/14/01 Niles, OH Drunk Driving

Vader 07/01/02 Boulder, CO DUI, Crashing, Harassment ETC

Steve Austin 08/13/02 San Antonio, TX Domestic Violence/Assault

Steve Corino 06/19/03 Michigan Forgery, Fraud and Misdemeanor

Scott Hall 09/19/03 ?? Violation of Probation