Another Update on Del Rio & McIntyre’s Fight at Local Pub


As noted earlier, Alberto Del Rio was sporting a black eye at last night’s SummerSlam pay-per-view event, as a result of being involved in some sort of fight.

According to PWInsider, Del Rio was at an Irish pub close to where the WWE hotel was located late Saturday night when he got into a fight with two black men. A bystander said that Del Rio got into a verbal confrontation with two black men who were talking down to the World Heavyweight Champion. Both men each took a punch at Del Rio. McIntyre saw incident go down, and ran over to hit both the black men. Security rushed over and broke up the fight, sending the two black guys home.

When Del Rio returned to the WWE hotel Sunday morning, he was sporting two black eyes and was trying to shield his face from everyone in the lobby. McIntyre ended up with two knots on the side of his head.

Backstage News on Del Rio Pressing Charges Against Patrons & The Bar….

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      • i think the guy was being sarcastic…because the article seems to be more concerned about these “two black men”….the word “black men” shows up 3 times in this short article. their race had nothing to do with anything.

      • Phantom you don’t watch WWE do you? He is and will be back again for saving that douche ADR. Soon he will drop his image like they had with Swagger doing so bad. So yes I Agree with genocidal The Chosen one here to stay. You don’t see the other Queens in the 3mb do that.

        • Phantom is an idiot much like Allan who overstates the obvious and misunderstands nearly every post in these threads.

          • and there goes idolizer calling another person an idiot because they have an opinion. stop being a d*** and get a girlfreind.

            seeing that you brought up my name up even though i didnt even post here yet kinda makes me think you think about me which just creeps me out dude…seriously

      • hes only a jobber cause he hasnt been used right some of the biggest legends could have been jokes if they were not used right. drew was givin the ic title and not put in any real feuds no storys nothing then after he lost the belt they relized no one cared about him. then after awhile on superstars people started to noticed how awesome he is. hes got a wicked look and hes great in the ring and not to bad on the mic whats there not to like

    • you have to get all your comments approved by idolizer to make sure there to his liking or he will make some stupid hipster reference like “no s*** shirlock” and i think the guys givin up enough material to understand hes a sad person who clearly lives inside his own head.

    • like ADR had nothing to do with them so pist of they took a swing at him. ADR is a second generation Wrestler who thinks he deserves to go to your house and take what every he wants he no better than you or me he is a ass hole and if it wasn’t for Drew saving his punk ass he would have had the beat down of his life.

      • Rich you talk awful tough behind your computer…You see ADR as an ass maybe cuz he is a HEEL on TV….he is not supposed to be nice or he would be a FACE,

        • I talked the same way when he was a face I think he is a ass in real life. You never meet him have you have you outside a axyss I meet him not the nicest person The most nicest person I meet out side a axyss was Brock or Abyss cool as heel . I not tough I know that I couldn’t do that I stop fighting in high school. So what the hell do you mean I awful tough behind my computer. I don’t go running and say oh your ADR oh my God Your Someone who thinks your bigger than s*** you might get razzed

  1. 3MB may be jobbers but they have potential if given actual storylines. Like why can’t maybe they win some matches with hitting some one with a guitar like hmmmm Jeff Jarrett. They need to act like rock stars.

  2. I had a feeling the backstage brawl wasn’t correct.

    Pretty much all the wrestlers get along. And besides…if something like that would have happened where a fight got physical backstage…you can bet Vince would have either suspended them or fired them.

    That’s what the ring is for.

    But it wouldn’t surprise me if Del Rio would have let his “testosterone” up because someone said something to him that he didn’t like. What I have an issue with is…Del Rio is a professional wrestler…he’s playing a heel..and there are some ordinary people can’t distinguish between a “character” and “real” persona. So..Del Rio should have just let the verbals go and leave the pub.

    Only way he should have put his hands on someone was if the verbal got physical.

    • You’re talking about big men with a lot of testosterone. How easy do you think it is for them to let it go? They’re not going to have time to take a deep breath and count to 10.

      • I understand it’s hard to let a verbal argument go..but these guys are actors…and on top of it..this actor–Del Rio–is playing a “bad guy”. And there are idiots out there that don’t understand the difference between someone acting like they are arrogant for television and someone that isn’t in real life.

        It happens all the time when idiots sitting in the crowd at wrestling events are spitting…throwing things…or even jumping the barrier to attack ACTORS..that play bad wrestling guys.

        And I’m sure these idiots that were throwing out verbal barbs probably don’t know that difference either. And Del Rio as an actor should know that as well and should just take the high road and just leave the bar. But as I had said…if the verbal accusations start to become hands on..that’s when Del Rio should take matters in his hands and take them out.

        • Of course he should take the high road, but that’s us here wishing he’d use logic and I don’t think anyone can be logical when angry and have the adrenaline flowing. As for waiting till it get’s physical, I disagree with the idea of Del Rio waiting till it gets hands on before getting physical. Hitting first is self defence, second is retaliation and therefore assault & battery.

          • And if it came down to the police showing up…all they want to know was…who threw the first punch? Oh…you did Mr. Del Rio? You’re under arrest.

  3. oh so drew didnt attack del rio. why does it matter if the men were black? so drew whipped both there asses or what? and how dare they talk down a title thats been held by some of the biggest legends ever id kick there ass too.

    • Yeah I agree you see Drew tonite Allan he didn’t look at all like he was in bad shape. That’s A Scottish man who knows how to fight.

  4. i figured they didn’t fight one another…at the end of Raw, the last segment, Drew and Del Rio were standing next to each other on the ramp..wouldn’t they not want to be around each other if they fought? dead giveaway! also, McIntyre wasn’t released which speaks volumes how it was just an isolated incident and not an intentional sabotage…oh, and Del Rio is just as much of a hot head as Punk…I don’t see either of them being the face…they just use Del Rio for the latin community and to get viewership from them just like they do with Khali to get his home country to tune in…good marketing but they won’t ever get big pushes…this might be Del Rio’s last title reign.


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