Austin Aries Comments on Almost Completely Retiring from Wrestling


Austin Aries spoke to V2 Journal about his claim he was originally going to retire from professional wrestling back in 2011.

“I had made the decision (to retire). It was just one of those situations where I didn’t feel that I was getting back what I was putting in. I didn’t want to be a prisoner to the world of wrestling; I didn’t want to be a guy who was trying to hustle every weekend and do a convention. I didn’t want to be Randy The Ram in 10, 20 years. I felt at that point of my life I was ok with transitioning into something else, and I’d stopped taking bookings and had nothing on my schedule, and before that really sunk in I got a call from TNA offering me the opportunity to come down there for an X Division qualifying match. and I figured, well why not take one more pay day, that certainly can’t hurt!”

Aries also commented on his previous run with TNA Wrestling.

“Eveybody likes to speculate that me and Austin Starr are somehow related. I always say that that guy never had a tattoo. I’ve watched all of his footage, the guy’s mildly entertaining, never really had a whole lot to sink his teeth into, but i certainly enjoyed him in the Kevin Nash Invitational Battle Royale, I’ll tell you that much.”

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        • As long as Hogan, Sting and Bischoff are under contract isn’t their existence , let alone being a promotion in question?? also notice how I said ‘GOOD’…it can only be if they’re gone.I know you know a bunch of ppl who would watch TNA if they knew Hogan/B****off wasn’t there, I do..

          • That’s just how you feel doesn’t make it true they are still the number two promotion and there ratings r fine. And I agree with bishoff but hogan has no control his own daughter got canned .I think his part is perfect

          • They’re ratings are “fine”?!?!?! Are you serious?!?!

            The ratings are low even for basic cable. They are nowhere near reaching the WWE in terms of numbers and the only reason they are the number two promotion is because it is a two man race, but make no mistake, they are way behind.

            Eventually even SPIKE TV will get tired of bailing out TNA. This is a company that run itself into the ground because it let wrestlers past their prime take take and take [ Jarrett, Nash, Hogan, Sting ] without ever giving anything back to the promotion. They should have been putting the younger talent over but they were so wrapped up in themselves and TNA suffered as a result.

          • I wasn’t saying that they weren’t…I said a GOOD #2 , meaning I believe they can be better…Stop and reread what I said..We do agree that Hogan in a limited role is fine…Honestly I think it’s b****off and his ‘vision’ killing the company…How many times have you saw him plug HIS company with TNA having an honorably mention…I’d say Bring back Pritchard and Jarrett and leave hogan as the tv ‘Power’..and bring back the 6 sides

          • Read yesterday that Jarret is coming back but really think that both Hogan/b****off should be gone and really use there own product an yes bring the 6 sighted ring back forget about those older wrestlers Sting should be the GM Dixie go back to pencil pushing let Jarret do his thing here an Sorry Mr BAker but Pritchard is a glory hound they could bring back Cornett or Sid

          • I only mentioned Pritchard because I believe he’s the lesser of 2 evils between him and B****off…Corny is currently in ROH ,I think dont hold me to that…Can you imagine a roster with TNA/ROH talent?? without the pushing of ‘old vets’ ? Wow…Even tho a merger between the 2 is unlikely, it’s better than both promotions talent being signed into obscurity by WWE

          • A merger will be great for two young promotion if they join and keep with the young talent it cold become TNA/ROH and will elevate and then truly will become the second wrestling promotion and the wwe won’t take ROH talent and ROH will get television exposer but keep Hogan and B****off out of it and TNA should consider Atlantas Omni for recordings the old nwawcw home real deyhard fans

          • Yea Idk why NOBODY outside of WWE hasn’t tried to use WCW’s old locations…Personally I would LOVE for a TNA/ROH merger…that could provide some really good tv..Plus their willingness to work with overseas promotions is a plus…sadly this is only wishful thinking for us as fans…Yes Hogan and B****off need to be HANDS OFF…Have Corny be GM of the combined promotions/ Booker and let the others handle business…we could go on and on… lol

          • yea…I think I heard HBK call him that around the time HBK was facing Bulldog and Vader….I think it was HBK, I could be wrong, but I’ve been calling him that ever since…I’m currently trying to see if there’s old NWA footage of him being called it .

    • Stfu!!!,stop knocking the product every time its even mentioned you douche BTW. James storm,bobby roode eric young,chrissabin,sunjay duty,Petey Williams,kaz,Daniels,Joe,angle,magnus,bully,hernandez,abyss,manik,styles,Kenny king so plzzzz stfu there loaded with talent

      • They don’t know how to use them that’s there problem. Its not By the way Storm what is he a tag team forever or are they going to give him some wings for some time? Bobby Roode probably the one of the few diamonds in TNA. Eric Young what does he do wrestle and get the womens tag team titles fitting or does he go dumpster diving for titles. There is not even a title that he can go after! Chris Sabin really a subpar X division champ but more or less do what you do best get you tag team partner beg Dixie to get the Motor City Machine Guns back that the only way people really care about you Chris. Sunjay I got nothing bad a great a pickup But what would make it supreme Add to the X Division to make it really pop. Pete Williams same goes as Sunjay . Kaz and Daniels wow what can you say they are a tag team I remember kinda like how Beer Money was started only how they Screwed over AJ. Magnus well do they not trust him with the TNA Title? Bully cmon are you going to put him in this list unless you got team 3D not Aces and 8? First off he talks like Ryback which doesn’t say much. I am going to add Two in a row Joe and Abyss Out of shape can they get into shape again maybe lose Joe 75 and Abyss cmon are you the human bobber for TNA. Angle Well not in rehab they can dab a ton of makeup you still look older then Hulk Hogan. Hernandez was effective like 4 years ago but since he been gone where we do not know maybe the Wyatts could tell you. They are loaded with talent? No. Can they Survive On that talent? No. If they are to make a move it better be soon as you see they are losing another Woman Talent. I agree with you Allan I try to think they are a great Org I just see them being taken over by the WWE in a few months which wont be bad we will see sting and UT and maybe they can save Impact as a stadium and have them rival against WWE.

      • F*** off.

        TNA does deserve to get bashed. You mention Storm, Roode, Sabin, Magnus, Joe, all great wrestlers so tell me why the f*** has TNA failed to turn these talented wrestlers into stars??!?!?!

        TNA has f***ed up every chance they had to become a serious wrestling promotion and turn these guys into serious stars. Instead of pushing the guys that made TNA it’s own brand name they have continuously brought in aging wrestlers from WWE and WCW and MMA fighters and buried the very talent that could have established TNA. TNA destroyed it’s own future. It was like a parent who constantly praises another family’s children in front of his own kids.

        So yeah, I’m going to bash TNA every chance I get because they ruined these guys chances of becoming stars.


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