Austin Aries Issued a “Severe Fine” for Incident on Impact


Austin Aries was issued a “severe fine” and has to apologize to Christy Hemme for the ‘crotching’ incident on last Thursday’s episode of Impact according to a report by TMZ.

TNA has not disclosing the amount of the fine for Aries’ unscripted action.

TMZ also noted that Aries reached out to Hemme and “privately apologized,” while acknowledging that he crossed the line of playing a heel.

Christy Hemmes Sexy Swim Suit Sings to Me….


    • More like there not stupid Austin is money,Christy is lucky to have a job in wrestling. Its not even a big deal s*** happens in wrestling daily that’s worse

        • ya so. christy messed up, its aries job to build heat. i bet anything stuff much worse happens backstage. ex batista put naked pic of mickie on the wall and mickie got fired. in the long run its all about money and talent and aries is both, the only reason tna is doing anything is so people wont even b****. ive seen many sources that say christy wasnt that hurt by it,

          • not to mention wrestling marks are the only one who even catch this crap cause the average viewer doesnt even care. marks just need something to whine about, tna only did something cause christy made a comment about it and the internet and all you whinny b****es do the rest. you know how many show could have been so much better if people just opened there minds a little and stopped attacking everything

      • You tell me when have we seen a wrestler put his package in the face of a women during live TV?This has no place in wrestling and TNA dropped the ball on this

        • its entertainment, aries is heel, paul heyman pulling a fake heart attack is in bad taste. what aries did is nothing at all. and ive heard christy didnt care that much and neither did anyother knockouts, but what i was telling you is aries is a talent,christy is replacable


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