Austin Has No Contractual Ties to WWE, Rude’s Son at Tryouts, Steamboat


– While it’s been reported that WWE recently released Richie Steamboat after Chris Hero mentioned it in an interview, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that he is still under contract to WWE and there’s on estimate on when he will return from back surgery he had about a year ago.

– Rick Rude’s son was at the most recent WWE tryouts at the Performance Center in Orlando. He has no experience in wrestling.

– Steve Austin has no contractual ties to WWE right now. That means he can’t use the Stone Cold name, which WWE owns, although he has the rights to the Steve Austin name, which is now his legal name, as part of an agreement with WWE.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. “Steve Austin” is the man’s legal name. It has nothing to do with an agreement with WWE. He paid a fee to a government agency and legally changed it.


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