Axel Responds to Reports, Update on Richards & Edwards Joining WWE


– WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel tweeted the following about reports of him blowing out his hips:

“For the record: I DID NOT BLOW OUT MY HIPS!!! Where does this info come from? I’m gonna be fine! #BetterThanPerfect”

After Axel was pulled from the Hell In a Cell pre-show, it was reported that Axel “blew out his hips” on RAW in a freak accident. It was later reported that Axel suffered a hip flexor injury. Axel noted that he will be on WWE’s upcoming tour of Europe.

– Wrestling Observer Editor Dave Meltzer wrote the following on the Observer message board this weekend about WWE potentially signing Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards:

“They are in play. It is a very unique situation that is still being played out. The most I can say is the people you would expect not to want them don’t, and the people you would expect to want them do. I’ve continually emphasized that they neither have been turned down, nor signed to a deal. That hadn’t changed as of yesterday.”

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  1. Chris Axle. Please. Curtis Pinto is more like it. He couldn’t wrestle at HIAC, was allowed to keep his worthless championship, and likes to talk like a BIG MAN. He hasn’t beaten anybody. All those early wins against top guys were spoonies fed to him in an effort to elevate him. He has a Cadillac name, but performs like a Pinto.


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