Backstage Heat on Sin Cara


There is reportedly backstage heat on Sin Cara following Monday’s Raw episode for immediately quitting his match with Alberto Del Rio after he dislocated his finger.

As noted earlier, Sin Cara will be undergoing X-rays today to make sure that he didn’t suffer an avulsion fracture.

Big Plans for WWE to Repackage Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio….

Source: Wrestling Observer Radio


  1. He is gone. Austin broke his neck and finished. Taker had his face crushed and finished. And this guy dislocated a finger and quit.

      • I’ll never forget HHH tearing his quad…that one moment when you see him and the agony he is in..and realize..oh s*** this is is he still going?..The craziest to me tho..watching Sid break his leg…you knew that match was DONE! Sin Cara isn’t helping his cause with the dislocated fingers..Vince..(rumor has it…) Doesn’t care for nor understand lucha libre and Sin Cara didn’t start off well in Vince’s eyes early in his WWE career with his often botched ring intro..his injury proneness, and at times sloppy and dangerous ring work…I could be wrong…but I don’t see him lasting much longer if Rey Rey ever comes back…

        • Then I scroll down further and see Rey is back Friday…terrible timing Cara…maybe you’ll end up in TNA for a fraction of your current contract and a chance of not getting paid at all…AAA is in your near future Cara….

  2. Only right he quit. This glorified nonsense will put you in the grave for the sake of “The Show must go on” Yes a dislocated finger, but it might not have felt like that. In twenty years when some of these wrestlers can’t walk and are taking painkillers just to survive, the McMahon will still be rich and still have their company with a crop of young “lambs to the slaughter” to make money for them.

    • like you mentioned people just don’t understand. we have seen to many wrestlers die to young, or who lives are destroyed because of wrestling. all you have to do is look at guys like scott hall, and jake roberts. very few wrestlers have a normal life after leaving the industry. to many die way to young because they get hooked on pills which lead to other things. and we have seen this before, the mcmahons are heartless. they will spit you out when they are done with you and move on to the next guy.

      • Understand your points, and I too agree with your point that a lot in the past has been “brushed under the carpet” as you put it. On the flip side however, many have also been successful because of wrestling. The Rock (movies, etc.), Jesse Ventura (politics, acting, books), Stacy Keibler (TV shows), DDP (successful yoga studio), Chris Jericho (TV, music), heck even Mick Foley has done many things outside of the ring. I don’t mean to start a war of words here, however I could take jonathan’s post, replace the words ‘wrestlers’ with ‘students’ and ‘wrestling’ with ‘school’, and it would still be factual as a lot of students are unable to take the pressures of education. They turn to things like pills and other things, with dire consequences. Bottom line is the wrestling industry is much different today than it has been in the past. Regardless of what anyone is doing, they should have the ability to ‘quit’ as Sin Cara did if they feel they are in danger. But you also have to know that this isn’t an office job when you sign up…

        • i don’t dispute anything you said. i have been a fan of wrestling my entire life. i know how it works, and for all the success stories you know we can mention so many tragic stories. this is the business they have chosen,and i get that. respect to all of your points they were solid and not just your opinion.

  3. Hopefully this is the last straw for Sin “Glass” Cara. I think he gets hurt every third match. Undertaker was lit on fire before a chamber match even began, and he fought. And as for a “lambs to the slaughter” comment…is that what happened when HHH (McMahon in-law) stopped Daniel Bryan’s match from the back cause his arm went numb about a month ago? Didn’t see you comment then…

  4. I didnt comment because I just joined 🙂 It’s neither here nor there, HHH was right to stop the match, what else would he have done, had they continued they would have been liable. My point is there is a life after wrestling. Too many bodies are strewn in the wreckage after their careers because they “fought” through injury. Yes it’s only a dislocated finger but we dont know what it felt like, he’s wrestled tons and probably broken worse.

  5. Just to make it clear, I’m not McMahon bashing, but there is a brutal truth. Through the 80’s and 90’s alot went on that was brushed under the carpet. The price that was paid was high. It’s alot better today than it was yesteryear, and maybe Sin Cara should have continued, who knows, my point is in the end it’s to each his own, they must have that right without pressure being brought to bear. Having said that the WWE isn’t very high on Sin Cara, this will be the excuse they need to get rid of him.

    • They were Really high on him Sin Cara Never Ever say that the WWE wasn’t high him. They were going to give him a IC title push when he first came to the WWE but then he got injured and then it went down there from there he never recovered he always got injured after that and this was the Monday was his newest injury plagued stint with the WWE. The WWE stuck by that dead horse when they should have stuck with John Morrison.

  6. Del Taco gets mad for everything. Just because he’s not the one that got hurt doesn’t give him the right to judge other’s pain tolerance. I can see I was right in not liking Del Puto. What if he was the one hurting like crazy. What a true asshole.

  7. It’s hard to either condemn or defend this situation. Who is to say Sin Cara could have actually performed with what he may have considered broken fingers? On the other hand it does seem he is making himself quite content cashing paychecks for doing nothing but autograph signings and the occasional interview on Mexican television.

    • You make a valid point about Sin Cara, although its not his fault that they hardly use him. He definitely is milking it though. His matches are very bland, which was never the case when he wrestled in Mexico. Its a shame because the guy does have talent.


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