Backstage News on Fandango’s Push, Jericho and Henry’s WWE Futures


– Fandango is getting a spot on WrestleMania 29 because the character is Vince McMahon’s new pet project. Vince is said to be a big fan of the gimmick and the arrogance that comes with it. The idea at WrestleMania 29 is for Chris Jericho to make the Fandango character stronger. Vince is really behind the success of Fandango.

Regarding Jericho’s WWE status, the two sides are talking about what he will be doing with them in the future. He was originally scheduled to finish up at WrestleMania. The belief within WWE is that Jericho and WWE will continue to have a part-time relationship.

– There has also been talk about Mark Henry leaving WWE after WrestleMania 29. Word now is that WWE and Henry are on the same page. Officials are very happy with Henry’s work since returning and he will most likely staying with the company.

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Source: PWInsider


  1. Vince is just as arrogant. He wants what he wants and he gets it. Johnny Curtis has been wrestling professionally since 1999 and has done, well, nothing of note. The Fandango gimmick was a failure from launch, IMHO.

  2. this card is worse than wm 7 by miles.i cannot believe this is the card! i hope the team who put it together used separate crack pipes!!! i’ll break it down on a 1 to 5 star prediction on each match 1 bad 5 great. mixed 8person tag, half a star,maybe. miz vs wade a possible 4 but guess what it’s on the free preshow while the fattadacles get a wm match. jericho vs fandumbo, 1 star. henry vs ry back, minus 1 star. hhh vs brock 2 stars.been there done that .punk vs taker,4 stars only if taker loses. shield 6 man,1 star,a freakin joke! team hell no vs dolph and mr overrated,half a star.cena vs rock 4 only if rock loses. i saved the only possible 5 star match for last.del rio vs jack,the only reason i’m paying $60 to watch.good look to you guys cause your the only match that can prevent wm29 from being the worse wm off all time.currently wm 7 holds that honor!!!

    • The problem with people like you is simple. You can’t spell or type, and therefore, your lackluster opinions end up meaning absolutely nothing in the end. You’re totally wrong about your ratings predictions on the matches. And if you’re shelling out $60 (which is probably more than what you have to your name, anyways) for one 5-star match, that right there proves what a loser you are….

  3. the Hall Oates track “Out of Touch” comes to mind lol… Vince needs to take an honest look at the crap he thinks people want.

  4. whatever do you get my opinion and say i $60 is probably all i got to my name.where does that come from.people like me? this is a post where people are allowed their opinion to be heard, whether you agree or not. i don’t try to make you feel bad cause your rant about ‘people like me’ means nothing.i can say what i want .until i legally can’t you shouldn’t trash people and try to make them feel bad.people like you, internet let’s see if i can spell this right, PISS OFF!!! was that spelled good nuff masta? you have a great day!


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