Backstage News on Heyman’s Promo, Update on the Punk Story, Vampiro


– It was noted before that Dave Meltzer said last week that one of his sources, a top WWE Superstar, claimed 100% that CM Punk would be at last night’s RAW in Chicago. Meltzer himself sounded unsure that Punk would be there. When Punk did not show up on last night’s show, Meltzer says his source told him after RAW, “I was lied to.”

– Former WCW star Vampiro was advertised for an event in Mexico this past weekend but tells that he is done with pro wrestling and was never even contacted about the show.

– We hope to have more details on the creative decision behind last night’s Paul Heyman opener but the early word is that Heyman changed the promo some from what was originally planned. It wasn’t like Heyman “went into business for himself” but what he said was reportedly a bit different from what was originally planned.

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