Backstage News on RVD’s Contract, Foley Gets a Degree, NXT-US

Posted by on Sunday, August 11th, 2013


- WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently received his Bachelor of Santa Claus from the International University of Santa Claus. He tweeted a photo:

Foley Santa Degree

- WWE officials are looking at getting NXT on TV in the United States some time in September.

- While Rob Van Dam has signed a long term deal with WWE, word is that the terms of the contract have him working for 90 days and then taking an unspecified hiatus before returning to action.

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Partial source: PWInsider

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    NXT was on TV and WWE took it off, now they are wanting NXT back on TV? That’s funny

    • Idolizer

      Dude, you know Vince McMahon can’t make up his mind one way or another. It’s part of the promotional genius trait within him, I think.

    • Carter Williams

      Here in Canada we still get NXT every week, I’ve only watched it once or twice but I think they air it on Wednesdays.

      • Matthew DeAngelo

        Because Canada gets everything

        • Carter Williams

          Except for good Netflix.

          • Matthew DeAngelo

            LOL, atleast you don’t have Obama

  • Phantom90

    Keep NXT off of TV, its supposed to train stars that debut on RAW, airing NXT will make their debut to RAW basically like jumping channels.

    • Idolizer

      Not too sure I agree with that, Phantom… Although Justin and Slater aren’t fairing too well right now. Maybe you’re right.

  • Mr. Baker

    I smell a reality show type twist…Great talent probably not seen yet..don’t think they should be in the spotlight yet. Classic WWE trying to cram stuff in our faces.Smart bet( IMO ) would be to bring back TE and have the NXT up and comers on the brink of main roster status partake,switch it up a bit.. If not? keep it on Hulu or YOUtube …

    • Idolizer

      WWE has certainly made the rounds to the point in which everywhere you turn, WWE is there in some form or fashion. It’s smart marketing. You’d do the same if you were running a business and wanted to make money. I definitely agree that Tough Enough HAS to come back. Austin did a HELL of a job on that show. Problem with that particular series though, was that it was HEAVILY edited. I know there are reasons for those edits… I say put NXT on a fledgeling network of some sort if anything.

      • Mr. Baker

        Hellz yea..$$$$ cures everything if you’re a business owner. It is smart marketing, I just threw my 2 cents in from a fans perspective…something I would enjoy watching. I mean it’s called ” Tough Enough ” what better way to evaluate potential stars than to see them actually ” Be bout that life “…Case in point..Josh Mathews..He was on season 1 I believe…and cried..CRIED…lmao…I laugh thinking about it…..then again I may be wrong on the crying …google it…

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