Backstage News on Sting & WWE, More on Potential Taker Match

Posted by on Thursday, February 13th, 2014

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- Regarding Sting not signing a deal with WWE yet, it’s more because WWE is dragging their feet. We noted before that WWE officials are in no hurry to get Sting signed for a WrestleMania XXX match but word is that Sting himself was hoping for a match against The Undertaker at this year’s event.

Since Sting lives in the Dallas area, he is willing to meet up with The Undertaker and work out the match in private at Undertaker’s gym, over and over, to get it right, which is what Undertaker’s opponents have done for the past several years. That’s one of the reasons the matches have gone over so well. There was some concern that Brock Lesnar, who is in it because he makes big money for a limited amount of work and only has a certain number of dates on his contract, may not be willing to spend several extra days working with Taker to get the entire match worked out.

New Plans Discussed for Sting, Must See New Nikki Bella, More…

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • allan

    brock will train with taker ,there good freinds

    • Bryon Hulcher

      …brock and taker hate each other lol

      • captainbuck

        They both love money, so they love each other, just not as much as Brock and Angle.

  • Fast Eddie

    Sting in WWE= Awesome!

  • Dan Iacovelli

    sign him already the longer wwe waits the more he would go to jj’s new promotion or resign with tna

  • captainbuck

    I remember a couple of matches Stinger had with Mean Mark Callous. They worked good matches even if he was still Green. Mark had trouble not tossing Sting around and he was the big star already. I see no reason Sting wouldn’t be ready to put UT over for a retirement match streak preserving 20minute legend fest. Sign it!

  • Chad

    Why are they taking so long? I would rather watch 100 Sting/Taker matches than 1 Lesnar/Taker match. I would rather watch paint dry than watch 1 Lesnar match. They need to sign Sting now, and then set up the match with Taker.

  • Ozzy TYSON

    I’ve had lots of convos with lots of fans, and I’ve only
    come across one person who’s interested in seeing Lesnar in The Streak match.
    Noone thinks Lesnar deserves it, and Noone wants to see The Deadman’s one
    annual appearance wasted on a match we’ve seen before, especially not since
    Lesnar’s just a brawler now. Everyone wants to see The Phenom face either Sting
    or GOLDBERG. And everyone agrees Lesnar will probably injure ‘Taker…

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