Backstage News on Why TNA Retired the Knockouts Tag Titles


As noted last week, the Knockouts Tag Team titles have been retired in TNA. There were several reasons on the decision, one being that the company feels they do not have enough Knockouts to make the title have any meaning.

The other reason reason they retired the title was because of all the other concepts the company currently has (Gutcheck, Bound for Glory Series, Open Fight Night, ect.) The feeling was that certain things had to be removed to keep the program from being cluttered.

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  1. then cancel gutcheck and just hire wrestlers like a normal company. they just fired everyone thats been on gutcheck anyways… i liked the knockout tag titles…..before eric young came in lol it was a good step towards keeping the womans division of wrestling strong

    • They don’t need lady titles because their ladies don’t wrestle. Did you see that ROH match with MsChif against Bata? Why can’t TNA and WWE get women like those? The only thing TNA women can do is run around half-naked and rub their butts in people’s faces. I’ m not a guy so what do I get out of something like that.


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