Backstage News on WWE’s Major Plans for Damien Sandow


– WWE will be turning Damien Sandow babyface soon. It was discussed earlier this year to have Sandow cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase but lose. That idea appears to be off the table now and it looks like a World Heavyweight Title run is in his future.

Sandow was reportedly told not to do cartwheels and singing any more, in part because that’s the gimmick for NXT’s Aiden English now. Word is that Vince McMahon feels if someone on the main roster is doing the same gimmick as someone in NXT, it makes the main roster guy look like an amateur.

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  1. I loved seeing Damien Sandow sing and do cartwheels. It was very entertaining. But I know that they have to do what is best for business.

  2. Sandow’s gimmick is all wrong for a face. He can’t be the smug, smarter-than-the-audience guy and get that same audience to like him.

  3. The only way to turn sandow face, is to have him intellectually humbled and admit he is wrong about whatever the subject is, and then take out a major heel


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