Backstage Reaction to Ryback’s Tweets, List of Wealthiest Wrestlers, Lita

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- For what it’s worth, has a new article up looking at the top 10 wealthiest pro wrestlers of all-time. Their list looks like this:

10. Mick Foley – Net Worth: $15 million
9. The Undertaker – Net Worth: $16 million
8. Shawn Michaels – Net Worth: $17 million
7. Chris Jericho – Net Worth: $18 million
6. Kurt Angle – Net Worth: $20 million
5. Big Show – Net Worth: $20 million
4. Triple H – Net Worth: $25 million
3. John Cena – Net Worth: $35 million
2. Steve Austin – Net Worth: $45 million
1. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – Net Worth: $70 million

- Lita has done a brief Q&A with the official Trish Stratus website. She was asked how it feels to know she’s inspired a generation and helped so many young girls be themselves. Lita replied:

“That is probably my proudest accomplishment. While it is flattering when people say they want to grow up to be a wrestler because of me, I can appreciate and feel honor in that. However, it gives me the most joy when someone says that they were inspired by me to be them. I have pretty specific, quirky interests. I can enjoy talking with people who share similar interests with me, but what is far more attractive is someone knowing who they are. My whole life I have drawn inspiration from things so far removed from the events they actually inspired, but I think that’s important. To find inspiration and drive in things you see and experience in life, but use those things not to copy or emulate, but to just be that little push or fire to give make you want to set out whatever is in your heart.”

- Regarding Ryback’s Twitter rampage over the weekend, the consensus among most people backstage is he’s just nuts. When he was tweeting about being released, several people in the company said it would come as no surprise.

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Partial source:

  • Timothy Graham

    Ted Dibiase – Net Worth: $1 million (not so impressive now!).

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