Backstage Reaction to WWE Title Match Outcome at SummerSlam


While many backstage at SummerSlam believed that the work was fantastic, some took the “now we can tell a great story and when Bryan gets his revenge it will get him over even more” stance. Another portion took the “They should have let Bryan have his moment and it would have made him right there and he wouldn’t have had to be made after a chase” position.

Several with the company also commented that the it made no sense for Bryan to being on the receiving end of a Pedigree, have all the time pass between then, and Randy Orton getting to the ring, ringing the bell and then get the pinfall, yet Bryan couldn’t kick out. Few people also pointed out that it’s ridiculous that a maneuver from a retired wrestler is so devastating that it outdid anything that John Cena did in the match.

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  1. Honestly I would of preferred if Orton only got a long two count then let Bryan stagger to his feet so he could be finished off by a RKO

    • Oh come on… there’s no point in that. Orton should have waited until a RAW after he’d had a long match against someone. Actually, I would have preferred to see Orton lose after trying to cash in MITB. 10 time WWE champ? He’s not even that good…

      • Orton is that good, and he deserves to be a SEVEN time WWE champion! He’s about to remind the world exactly why he is one of the best heels of this current era

        • The only good thing Orton has going for him is his drop kick…. Even his finisher the RKO is a cheap ripoff of a better move. Orton is nothing more than a parody of a wrestler.

          • RKO is a cheap rip off? Yea because God knows Bryan finish moves are all original. I guess its ok to use previous wrestlers finishers just as long as they’re not still alive…

          • I can respect your opinion on him, I just don’t find anything he does to be original or entertaining. I personally think the RKO just looks sloppy.

            That’s just my personal opinion on Randy Orton, you’re allowed your own as well.

            Also, I didn’t mention Daniel Bryan.. Though my opinion on him is that he’s the best in the business today. The only person as talented as him in the WWE is Dolph Ziggler, and I feel that Cody Rhodes will be soon.

          • True you did not mention Bryan, but I just assumed you liked him since you have a problem with Orton taking his title. Wrestling wise Bryan is undisputedly the best, but its more then just wrestling. Character wise I find him annoying and corny. While Orton is more well rounded talent wise

          • Ugh… annoying and corny? What if I called you a piece of s***? Would you be annoyed then? Geez…

          • No. I would not get annoyed. I would just laugh at the fact that you would take me finding Bryan annoying so personally, and also laugh at the fact that you wanna play tough over the internet because if you said that to my face I would in all honesty beat the s*** out of you

          • Sounds like wishful thinking. Not playing tough – I’m rugged and shoot from the hip. That’s how it is. F*** yourself.

          • Whatever I’m not about to argue over a computer, I’m literally laughing right now because I know for a fact you would b**** up in person, keep enjoying your miserable life as a cyber tough guy.

          • You made me laugh actually by your assumption that I am an internet tough guy… LOL… You know for a fact I would “b**** up” in person? Is this fact or yet another lame assumption? Get a life, man…

          • You called me a piece of s*** over the internet, yea that makes you a cyber p****. You also called me a piece of s*** for no reason, I never insulted you all I Did was call Bryan annoying, so unless the guy is a personal friend of yours or you’re f***ing him that means you’re the one who needs a life loser

          • No need to respect opinions… just come out with how you feel, for crying out loud! I never hold back in my responses and neither should you!

          • im not a fan of ortons wrestling but thats not even close to true. orton is all his own hes built up a great character and his finisher is way better then the diamond cutter or the ace crusher

  2. I had a feeling something was going to happen after the match cause the final PPV match usually ends 10 minutes before the final hour of the PPV ends….and this match ended 15 minutes before the end of the final hour.

  3. I been dying for Orton to turn back heel. This is great, I just rather they did it in a more dramatic fashion, but Orton is about to regain his crown as top heel !!!!!

    • How could they have done it in any more of a dramatic fashion? Seriously?! This was a well-thought out story, but what they should have done was kept Orton OFF RAW after he won MITB.

  4. “Few people also pointed out that it’s ridiculous that a maneuver from a
    retired wrestler is so devastating that it outdid anything that John
    Cena did in the match”. I thought it was common knowledge that any attack before or after a match, is a lot more damaging!

  5. Daniel Bryan deserves his time in the sun, but Orton has the MITB briefcase and from a storyline point of view, he would be a fool not to cash in. The HHH interference was unnecessary and does nothing for the McMahon family feud because they now appear to be on the same side, not to mention that it was predictable, as why else was he the referee? Screw job is the only answer.

    • I think there’s MUCH more depth and build going into the McMahon storyline up to WrestleMania. This is the beginning of something much greater.

  6. The story line reminds of what they did to Mankind in the attitude era. Nobody thought he should be champion because he did not have the corporate look. I was shocked with what they did to Daniel Bryan last night. I knew Orton was going to cash in but I didn’t expect triple h to pedigree him. Look for Daniel Bryan to go through hell in pursuit of the title which should culminate in him winning the title at mania after winning the Royal Rumble. I see Punk regaining the title from Orton somewhere this fall maybe at Survivor Series or TLC, if not there then in January at the Royal Rumble. Punk vs Bryan for the title at Wrestlemania 30


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