Backstage Update on Dolph Ziggler and the World Heavyweight Title


– For those wondering, WWE has no plans to strip Dolph Ziggler of the World Heavyweight Title, no matter how much time he has to miss.

There is still talk of having the ladder match with he, Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio, possibly at SummerSlam. This means that these three Superstars will be in the World Heavyweight Title picture for a few more months.

Despite other reports online, there is no backstage heat on Swagger for Dolph getting injured.

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Source: PWInsider

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  1. Punk’s my storyline wished wwe would read it he could comeback state that he is retiring because wwe have favoured other wrestlers then him like few years ago when Orton with Cody Rhodes attacked him he was forced to vacate the wwe title but ziggler doesnt have to then the continue of the jeff hardy feud before he left wwe he could come on titron goating Punk saying stop moaning like a big baby. Then Setting up Jeff hardy vs cm punk SummerSlam

    • ok..what?? i know i dont have the best grammer..but what? i kept reading it over and over and just cant understand you. at anyrate jeff hardy is signed with tna well past summerslam


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