Backstage Update on Kassius Ohno’s Problems, Diva Changes Her Hair, More


– WWE Diva Rosa Mendes revealed on Twitter that she’s went all blonde again:

“Yesterday I woke up as a brunette and today as a blond, change what you can and the rest will fallow”

Rosa goes blonde

– Meetings were held this past week to determine the locations for WrestleMania 31 in 2015 and WrestleMania 32 in 2016. Representatives of several different cities met with WWE officials in Connecticut. The cities that got the bid were placed on a gag order. The only thing being said is that 2016 won’t be in either Orlando or Detroit, although Orlando people are denying that they are out of the running. Cowboys Stadium in Dallas is the rumor for 2016.

– We’ve noted how Kassius Ohno has had heat in WWE developmental and was pulled from NXT TV tapings because officials wanted him to improve his physique. Ohno has been putting over other talents at recent NXT live events and has now been removed from the NXT TV intro.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. He’s not even in bad shape. Look at mike Knox he’s was in horrible shape .look at Jake the snake he built a career being out of shape and ohno isn’t even out of shape plus he can do things in the ring ryback or cDNA couldn’t even dream of doing. Punks in the same shape as long as you can get it done who cares how ripped he is.

  2. …and another thing, I don’t understand why WWE is so anal about “physiques” on their talent. Granted, I understand that they want their talent to be in good physical health, but whatever happened to talent that could work a match that had a common man’s body? Although inspiring and motivational, it is unrealistic to think every talented performer in pro wrestling has to have the body of a bodybuilder. In the old days of pro rasslin, some of the top talent used to have ordinary barrel shaped physiques. Guys like Sammartino, Pedro Morales, Adrian Adonis, Big Bossman, Arn Anderson, Jake Roberts, Dusty Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, etc…all had average to below average physiques, but they still had successful careers in WWE because they could work. Kassius Ohno has legit talent, and his body type looks no different than what Edge’s did when he closed in on retiring. WWE needs to stop generalizing so damn much, realism is appreciated more than they give credit for…

    • It may have something to do with the character they wanted him to play when he gets to the main roster. They probably wanted him to play a character that was obsessed with his body (like Chris Masters and The Narcissist…I don’t know why, seeing as how those characters failed miserably.) and you really can’t be believably obsessed with your body when don’t have abs…according to their logic.

      • You know, that might actually be funnier~! It’s kind of like Fandango. Johnny Curtis is barely able to wrestle, and he has no rythm and can’t dance, it’s all about watching Summer Rae when the music hits.

        • Lmao what can barely wrestle? I think u mean miz lmao fandango is a great wrestler don’t let the gimmic fool u he’s a 10 plus year vet

    • I loved Kassius with Claudio (Antonio Cesaro) . He needs moved up to the main roster with We The People. Yosemmitie Sam (sorry Dutch, i still love you, lol) is one of the few MANAGERS out there, so, give him a stable!!! This is the behavior that upsets me. NOBODY gets pops in TNA like Samoa Joe when he’s angry and rollin, and the a’holes just told the Uso’s to GAIN WEIGHT, didn’t even say ‘hit the gym’, essentially because they are supposed to be chubbier!!! WWE’s people are nothing if not inconsistent.

      • There is nothing I would change about the USos there awesome and if this was 2000 they would be champs

        Also I think we all want kow in wwe

        • Yeah, but WWE doesn’t get it. They think Samoans should be Fat and have heads of concrete and that everyone has to have abs. Mind you, Hogan was a babyface with fat cheeks and slight love handles during his most famous years!

    • I agree as long as your in athletic shape which ohno is he’s also 6,4 so he’s got that too not to mention he can do lucha s*** Rey can’t even do

      Wwe has always been like that at least there not ignoring the fans now..of course that led to hardy winning the wwe title..but either way if your huge wwe will go out of there way to push U to the moon but if your average you have to work twice as hard even if your twice as talented.

    • There’s a big difference between a 300 lb fatass and a regular looking guy with a “gut”.

      It’s okay for Wyatt or Brodus Clay to be be fat because their size is a big part of their characters/in ring styles. But for a regular sized guy like Hero, it’s just not a good look.

      • He’s not fat though he’s in great shape better then punk he just doesn’t look like ryback and have you seen what hero can do?!who cares besides he’s actually in the best shape of his life, also brotus doesn’t need to be fat as if its helping his character lol

  3. So, WWE hasn’t learned from the crud they put Awesome Kong through… Kharma never really was there. They made Kharma bad. So, when TNA is gone next month, i guess they’ll tell Samoa Joe he can get a contract if he can do the Juice then clear by the time they do tests?

  4. I saw Jake The Snake when he wrestled in the independents during his post WWE days. He was really fat and out of shape, and couldn’t execute any moves other than the DDT. He looked horrid! Don’t get me wrong, I love big men that can move and are athletic like Bam Bam Bigelow and Ray Traylor. I think those guys were great! And I thought Murraco was also good when he rededicated himself and got himself in top shape. But certain guys need to work hard to perform good.


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