Backstage Update – Tyson Kidd’s WWE Future


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Tyson Kidd had a few spots at WrestleMania 30 where he seemed to stand out and the cameras gave him attention, even in a chaotic Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

It’s now believed that Kidd may be repackaged and given more TV time. While he will be used more often in the future, his character may also be changed.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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  1. Bring back the Cruiserweight title and stick it on him, he could have regular PPV matches which would likely be show stealers because his talent knows no bounds, it’s criminal how he never gets much of a look in.

    • that would do nothing,just put a belt on him and as u have seen that really does nothing for people. the whole reason wwe got rid of that division is they think as i do that everyone should get a chance to be number 1 not get stuck in a class. i mean daniel would most likely be crusierweight champ not wwe champ

      • If they showed respect to the belt and the wrestlers competing for it it could be a great idea. I see what you’re saying though man, US title and Intercontinental have become a bit of a joke, maybe unifying those and bringing back Cruiser would work best. I just want to see smaller people like Kidd get a fair shot. A lot of good cruisers in NXT ready to call up too.

        • DW Remember when if you had the intercontinental title or U.S Title it usually meant you where the number 1 contender for the world title and remember when the intercontinental title was the main event at summer slam now these titles are jokes the same with the tag team titles

          • I know and it’s such a shame really, I thought with them unifying the World and WWE titles they might bring a bit of prestige back to the “lesser” titles but that hasn’t happened unfortunately, not yet anyway but Mania would have been the perfect time to do it so I doubt they will. I hope I’m wrong though.

          • it almost seems like it would be easier for them to drop those titles
            and just have the world title or they should go back to the 4 titles wwe, tag, intercontinental, and divas this way the I.C AND tag titles would Gain some Glory again

  2. its only a matter of time until he gets released only for total divas I think he would of been gone already

      • not doubting his abilities in the ring he’s rarely ever used same with Zack Ryder its only a matter of time Jees D.H smith was ten times better then Tyson kidd and he still got released its only a matter of time

  3. they need to dump the us title and create a tv title at least or bring back the cruiserweight title but call it something more like the ufc weight divisions…lightweight….anything to give these worthwhile tv time. How many time can you repackage Kidd? Seriously…


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