Backstage Updates on Goldberg Returning and Goldust vs. Cody


– There is at least talk within WWE of doing a Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust feud at some point over the next six months. The talk is that if they go through with the program, Goldust would be the heel and it would be done in early 2014.

– A few people in WWE creative have been thinking of angles for Bill Goldberg and Ryback, in case something gets worked out for WrestleMania XXX. It’s not a done deal but it is something being talked about. There is a chance of Goldberg vs. Ryback happening because both sides have not closed the door on a WWE return.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. it the ryback vs goldberg match takes place, at least get brock as ref or something….and i will never need sleeping pills ever….. 😛

  2. Crapback has been a total disappoitment since Wrestlemania last year, when he was supposed to beat Mark Henry and Henry squashed him, Vince ordered Ryback to give Henry the shell shocked after the match, if he failed to do so, Vince was going to fire him. This match should not happen will not happen, would love to see a Goldberg vs Brock Part 2 or better yet, why not put Goldberg against The Dead Man that would be interesting match up, as for Austin if Vince can work out deal, he is supposed to be wrestling CM Punk at Mania. That would be cool

  3. Goldberg would see this as two things: A way to stick it in Ryan Reeves’ (Ryback) face for his dumb tweets, and a way to make money. But, I don’t think he’d see himself vs Ryback as a big money maker and something he’d come back to do a one-off for.


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