How bad were the Mania predictions?


Not everyone will go back and tell you how off they were on predictions, but not this guy. I’m going to quickly go down the Wrestlemania card and my predictions from my “Wrestlemania Predictions Sure to be Wrong” piece.

ROMAN over Undertaker – got this one right, although I did also say that I didn’t think this is Undertaker’s last match. Sure seems like it was, but you never know for sure until its official. 1 for 1

BROCK over Goldberg – I almost got this exactly right in my brief match description. 2 for 2 so far.

ORTON over Bray – well my first misstep. Make no mistake though, most everyone thinks Bray should have won this. 2-3

AJ STYLES over Shane – I had a feeling about Shane but I did officially pick AJ. I was sure the match would be better than expected and it was. 3-4

SETH over Triple H – I was way off! Way, Way way off. 3-5

OWENS over Jericho – Wrong again. The pick was mostly about the fact that no one was picking Jericho. 3-6

CENA and NIKKI over Miz and Maryse – Nailed it, with the proposal too. 4-7

DEAN over Corbin – Right on the money with this one but Corbin will get this title soon. 5-8

BAYLEY over Sasha, Charlotte, and Nia – Another one right! Although I was expecting the Sasha heel turn. It didn’t happen but it will. 6-9

HARDY BOYZ over Enzo and Cass, Cesaro and Sheamus, and Gallows and Anderson – would have been very difficult to predict this one. 6-10

NAOMI wins SDL Women’s title – very happy I was right about this one 7-11

NEVILLE over Aries – I thought this was a really good match as expected. And I got it right 8-12

MOJO wins The DRE’ – Pretty sure no one saw that coming. 8-13

I was concerned about time but Mania went until Midnight eastern this year and they did shorten some matches but the big ones had enough time so it really wasn’t an issue.

While this was a bit of a predictable Wrestlemania, I’ll take 8 correct out of 13 matches. From here on out I’ll be here for you to stop by and get some predictions for all the PPV’s.

Predictions sure to be Wrong – Probably.



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