Batista Is Confused By Some WWE Fans – Details


Batista took to Twitter to antagonize the IWC once again. The WWE star, who has never had a problem stirring the pot on the social media site, posted the following which expressed confusion in regard to fans who can’t separate storyline from reality:

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  1. That’s not a shot at the IWC, that’s a shot at morons who get too caught up in personas to realize that the wrestlers are actually actors.

    • who the f*** thinks its real? little kids , anyone who insaults batista over 10 years old is just doing it cause he sucks and tried to take the mania spotlight at 45

      • Have you looked at comments on WWE’s facebook page? There are THOUSANDS of comments about who Triple H is evil and taking things too far and all that bs from people who are WELL into their 30s.


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