Bella Twins & Daniel Bryan’s Cheat Day, WWE Tryouts, Edge Hosting SyFy Event


– Embedded below is bonus footage of The Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan celebrating their cheat day – and Bryan’s birthday – with cupcakes.

– WWE Hall of Famer Adam “Edge” Copeland is going to be hosting SyFy’s Ghost Mine on September 4th, 2013.

– WWE will have tryouts this weekend at the Performance Center.

Rare Photo of The Undertaker Before He Was The Undertaker….


    • i wouldn’t be shocked if cena and bryan are swingers. i have to admit eating the ” bellas on cheat day ” is awesome…..wait, they were talking about their diet ?? Oooohhhhh……..:P

  1. Cheat day? So she can **** Cena and her sister can **** Bryan? I knew they were twisted freaks……….. We all know where those cupcakes are going……….


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