Indy Beyond Wrestling 12/08/2013 Taping Results

Beyond Wrestling 12/08/2013 Taping Results

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December 12, 2013
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Block A
Jon Gresham def Davey Richards via Single leg Boston Crab
Team IOU def Gary Jay/Pierrie Abernathy via Hakuna Matata
Matt Cage def Zach Sawyers via Counter Hayishi Knee Strike
Alex Castle def Brandon Espinosa, Jeff O’shea, Mallaki Mathews via Diamond Cutter
Chris Hero def Aaron Epic via Indian Death Lock

Block B
The Hooligans def Team IOU via the Hooligan Driver
Ricky Starks def Zack Sawyers via Angel wings
Alex Rudolph/Frank Wyatt/Jake Parnell def Jeff O’Shea/Brandon Gallagher/JJ Garrett Via Double Power Bomb
Matt Cage def Trik Davis via Burning Fist
Alex Rudolph def Darren Dean via Choke Suplex

Block C
Davey Vega def Jon Gresham via counter Figure Four.
Frank Wyatt def Danny Canon, Alex Castle, Jake Panell, Jordynne Grace via Power bombing Canon on top of Grace.
Jake Dirden def Mikey Mcfinnegan via Asiatic Spike
Bolt Brady def JoJo Bravo via Back Cracker

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