Big E Langston to Battle Mark Henry?


As seen Monday on Raw, WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston and Mark Henry defeated the team of Ryback and Curtis Axel, with Henry being portrayed as a mentor to the young up-and-comer.

This alliance is not expected to last, because as of this week, WWE creative has plans for “The World’s Strongest Man” to battle Langston at the Royal Rumble.

EXCLUSIVE: Most Eliminations Per Year at the Royal Rumble PPV Event….


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  1. Weak as F***. With all these white power groups why cant they come up with a new NOD. Henry Kingston Big E and Truth. With heyman as manager

    • Careful, nigga… I’m a white boy myself and I find what you just said to be a little racial. I agree with what you’re saying to some extent, but none of these guys are undisputed champions of the future… lol

      • Chill with that nigga s*** white boi. Neither are any members of the Wyatt family, 3MB, or the shield..What’s your point my peckerwood brutha

        • Wanting a dominate African American pro wrestling crew ain’t racist it’s realistic. There’s a reason wrestling has become so lame

          • Nah it wouldnt work with Ron Simmons, it would just seem like another gimmick to get the black fans. If u add Paul Heyman it would be more political. Therefore one side not feeling left out

  2. That wouldn’t be a bad match, maybe… But Big E and Henry as a tag team? Come on, WWE! That would be the best move y’all have made in the division in YEEEEAARRRS. Like the new DOOM! Jeez – Between this and wantin’ GOLDBERG to face “Ryback” at WM XXX instead of THE UNDERTAKER, you guys are throwin’ up major bricks.


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