Bill Goldberg vs. Ryback at WrestleMania Update

Posted by Steve Carrier on Saturday, November 16th, 2013


As noted earlier on the website, WWE is working on booking Ryback vs. Brock Lesnar for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.

While WWE officials would like to have Ryback face Goldberg at WrestleMania XXX, sources within the company don’t expect the former WCW Champion to come on board since he would almost certainly be asked to job. Goldberg stated in an interview earlier this year that he would not return to the company to lose.

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  • Ozzy TYSON

    I can’t believe WWE is wanting GOLDBERG to come back to face Ryback. NOBODY wants to see that. The only match anyone wants to see GOLDBERG in at WrestleMania is against THE UNDERTAKER. GOLDBERG HIMSELF said to a Miami Herald reporter a few months back that he has no interest in wrestling Ryback, and that if he did come back the only two guys he had any desire to get in the ring with are Stone Cold… and THE PHENOM. WWE thinks those “Goooooldberg” chants mean fans want GOLDBERG to come back to face Ryback. WRONG. They mean that it’s painfully obvious that WWE’s reboot of Skip Sheffield’s character is just a rip-off to try to profit from GOLDBRRG’s enduring popularity. NOONE wants tp see GOLDBRRG compete against Ryback – ESPECIALLY NOT to waste a match at WM XXX. In GOLDBERG’s one year in WWE, the only two major superstars he didn’t face eere Kurt Angle (what a match THAT would’ve been!) and THE DEADMAN. THAT’S the dream match so many fans have wanted so long to see . Let Ryback face Sheamus, or Big Show – either would be a great match. Let Lesnar take on the Apex Predator Randy Orton – that would be. Terrific match. But GOLDBERG VERSUS THE DEMON OF DEATH VALLEY? THAT would be LEGENDARY.. GOLDBERG VS THE UNDERTAKER at WM XXX!!! If you feel the same way, we need to MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD.

    • Dis

      Agree those would some great matches to see

    • HC Duran

      I would have to agree, although since it’s been a decade since Goldberg was in the ring, there would have to be a buildup to make it plausible. Say, announce Goldberg getting inducted to the HOF, leading to his return in January to express his appreciation in person. Ryback runs out to challenge him, leading to them facing off at the Rumble. Goldberg wins, then says he wants Undertaker at WM XXX.

      • Ozzy TYSON

        That is EXACTLY what I’VE said! They’ve been talking about inducting him since WM was in his hometown of Atlanta. Induct him, bring him out on Raw for the announcement, have Cole or whoever do a short interview, during the course of which he’s asked, “During your one year in WWE, who do you wish you’d faced you didn’t get to?” GOLDBERG answers “THE UNDERTAKER”. …And the bell tolls and the lights go out… Like your idea, too.

        • Negatist

          I don’t like it, nor do the WWE Universe.

      • Negatist

        Fuckberg is no HOF’er…

    • Negatist

      No, moron. Once again… Goldberg is washed up, over 50, and an arrogant asshole of a whopping three moves in his arsenal. Ryback is a meathead clown, and Undertaker is 100 times the wrestler Ryback and Goldberg are, times four. It would be an insult to Taker to face a jackass like Goldberg… PLEASE…

  • allan

    He won’t return to lose…who does he think he is?! What a tool my god,he had a 2 year career and is like 50 now..Jericho jobs tomziggler and he’s been in wrestling over 20 years,its fake bill get your head out of your ass you don’t deserve to win

    • Ozzy TYSON

      Ummm, GOLDBERG started in WCW in 1997. And I bet he’d be willin’ to “job” The Streak.

      • Negatist

        Fuck him…. No one wants to see Fuckberg in any capacity… he can’t do shit anymore… he’s a pompous chump for a sucker who had a very short career.

    • Negatist

      Wrong. Neither one of these assholes deserves to win. There shouldn’t be a match because of a major lack of interest in these two meatheads. Get YOUR head out of your ass for a change…

    • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

      LOL Bill thinks it’s UFC! and secondly he can win it again at Extreme Rules against Ryback similar to Y2J vs Fandango! jericho wins the rematch at Extreme Rules! but only problem is Goldberg is willing to job because i don’t trust internet site goldberg just want huge paycheck to comeback he doesn’t care wrestling! and thirdly it was said brock lesnar will take on ryback they keep on changing on internet sites at royal rumble brock faces big show! don’t trust internet sites! just trust on wwe pay per view who will appear!

  • Ralph Ramos

    Goldberg was good, but its not like he’s a wrestling legend or anything. His time on top was short, and he needs really get over himself.
    The Undertaker or Stone Cold. No Way! Both are TRUE LEGENDS, not 3 month wonders. Losing to Ryback would be an honor for him after missing so much time in the ring. Take it Goldie, take the big payday. Its not gonna get any better for you.

    • Ozzy TYSON

      I’m guessing you said the same thing about The Rock coupla years ago. That he should just take a loss against Cena and be happy about it.

      • Ralph Ramos

        Why do you say that? Your wrong. I didn’t have a comment on that, and still don’t.

        • Ozzy TYSON

          I was making an analogy. Why feel so strongly anti-GOLDBERG when The Rock’s situation was virtually the same? Lots of people want to talk about GOLDBERG not wanting to lose or his lack of title reigns, but that wasn’t his call. WCW and WWE management make those decisions.

          • Negatist

            Oh shutup already… I’m going to start grading every comment and response I see from now on to flavor my indication of approval or disapproval I see in each one…

      • Negatist

        Downing this comment, just because it has nothing to do with Goldberg or Ryback.

    • Negatist

      Never gonna happen…

  • Nat James

    So I take it Ryback is going to turn face again after the comments by Paul Heyman and the attack from the Wyatt Family?

    • Negatist

      Nobody cares…

  • Lord Knikon

    I am sorry, I had to stop reading the comments when people started saying the words “Bill Goldberg” and “inducted into the hall of fame” in the same sentence. Bill Goldberg does not deserve to be in the WWE hall of fame. He has no business being mentioned in the same breathe as guys like Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Bruno Sammartino, and Andre “The Giant” Roussimoff.

    He would not return to the company to lose? So it is not enough that Vince McMahon would write you a huge pay check but you have to win the match too? Someone has a high opinion of their own worth. Then again you never suffered from modesty when you were in wrestling. That has always been one of your biggest problems.
    So Chris Jericho will come back to the WWE and job to talent. The Rock will come back to the WWE and job, but you refuse to do it because you are Bill Goldberg? What exactly is Bill Goldberg?
    He is a guy who walked in off the street and was handed one of the greatest pushes in wrestling history because he had the right look. He did not earn or deserve this push. He was given everything and then started to actually believe that he was as good as WCW was trying to get the fans to believe that he was. He did not work his way up the roster but was given the brass ring right out of the gate. He is also a guy that has not been relevant in the wrestling business in almost a decade. Oh, and let’s not forget that he is almost 47 years old.
    If I never see Bill Goldberg wrestle another match in his life that will be perfectly fine with me. You know, I can honest say I did not like Ryan Reeves “Ryback” character and how they tried to make him the next Bill Goldberg. However, I will say that even though he can still improve a lot in the ring. His in ring work is still better then Bill Goldberg.
    That is my two cents

    • Negatist

      Finally, someone talking without their head up their ass!

    • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

      YOUR RIGHT MAN! Chris Jericho jobs to Dolph Ziggler, The Rock Jobs To John Cena, Brock Lesnar Jobs to John cENA TOO! HE IS ARROGANT!

  • EvilMenace666

    Goldberg was one of WCW’s finest athlete and we all know Ryback Rools!

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