British Wrestler Suffers Broken Neck In Match Against AJ Styles


British wrestler “Lionheart” suffered a broken neck after taking a botched Styles Clash during last night’s main event against AJ Styles at a Preston City Wrestling show. Fans described the scene as being very scary. The promotion announced via it’s Twitter that an MRI revealed a broken neck and made the following statement:

“We are looking at the best of a bad situation. He does not need surgery and he is sitting upright without a neck brace on. No nerve damage can be seen and hopefully just a clean break. As we said before he has good movement in his arms and legs.”

Embedded below is an interview with Lionheart prior to his match against AJ Styles:

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  1. Safety is the priority. However, I don’t think Lionheart had any excuse or reason to blame AJ because there is no way he wouldn’t know what the Styles Clash is.

    • If he doesn’t know what he’s doing, then he shouldn’t be in the ring. These matches are scripted and rehearsed. Both competitors need to understand what’s going to happen and go over their spots.

  2. oh please there are far worse moves in regular indy matches. sometimes things happen, should zema ion stop doing moonsaults?


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