Brooke Hogan Working on Her Music Career


Former TNA personality Brooke Hogan spoke with about taking part in an episode on “psychic energies” in Athens, Ga.

“I’m actually personally interested in this show because I have a little bit of history with a psychic background, kind of a sixth sense-type thing.”

Brooke also mentioned that recently she has been working on her music career.

“I’ve been in Nashville for a little bit,” she said. “I’ve come up with a great set of songs, and I have a lot more than I need for one album right now. I just kind of took a break and needed to start over.”

Brooke’s recent TNA departure from wrestling were not mentioned in the article.

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  1. If she’s psychic, she’d know she has no music career. The shark in 2 Headed Shark Attack wouldn’t even eat her after all.

  2. brook has a sixth sense !!?? I doubt she even has a f***ing clue, much less any sense, what a dumb b**** !!! 😛


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