Cena Announces He’s Taking Time Off for Surgery, Superstars Matches


– WWE taped the following matches tonight in Anaheim to air on next week’s Superstars:

* Christian vs. Big E Langston

* JTG vs. Kofi Kingston

– John Cena announced on tonight’s RAW that he has a torn tricep and will be taking off to have surgery. Cena noted he will be out of action for 4 to 6 months.

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  1. sometimes i feel bad for cena bryan whipped his *** at ss and he was hurt but still gave it all and then says hes leaving for awhile and everyone cheer..guy helps dieing kids and they boo him. i understand its from him shoving his crap down are throats for 10 years but still k fed and chris brown could become a tag team and get more cheers lol even if they were killing dieing kids lol

    • Makes about as much sense as people cheering for Fandango and dancing to his song when he comes out..and he’s supposed to be a bad guy.

      • It’s a bit of a tweener gimmick if you ask me… I still haven’t figured out the whole Fandango appeal…

    • You feel bad for someone so successful and wealthy? Cripes, he’s just too good of a person to let the troglodytes of the world bring him down. It takes a lot of character and strength to deal with what the fans dish his way. And let me add, it’s not Cena shoving “his crap down OUR throats”, it’s WWE doing it. Why do I feel the need to explain these things to lesser forms of life????


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