Chris Jericho Says DX Hated Him When He Joined WWE


Chris Jericho spoke with Sam Roberts about the heat he faced when he first joined the WWE back in 1999. He mentioned that DX and “all those guys” hated him for being confident. Jericho noted that he wasn’t completely comfortable with Vince McMahon until he returned in 2007.

“I left in ’05 because I was burnt out and I felt like I was treading water,” Jericho said. “I felt like the company was taking me for granted and I was starting to lose a lot of my powers. I was still friends with him – I could talk to him on the phone or in the office – but it wasn’t until [I returned in] ’08 where I could go in there with a legitimate idea and he would listen to it. From the Shawn [Michaels] thing, we went right into the [Rey] Mysterio thing, which was a massively successful angle that I wrote the whole f-cking thing. Then we went into the 7 on 7 NXT vs. the WWE thing, which I had a lot of influence in. Then we went into the whole CM Punk thing last year.”

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  1. One of the most held back Talents of WWE. As storied as a career he’s had, they always seemed to take the sting off of his strengths. He’s becomea consummate pro in this current stage making everyone look good he faces mostly

    • He has had so many title reigns and as you say, a storied career. That doesn’t look like someone who has been held back to me!

      • He never was given the opportunity to shine as a strong baby face champion, only as a strong intercontinental champ. That’s what I meant to clarify. CM punk, HHH are strong face or heel champion. Jericho was weakened. He always did what was at the company request of him and had put over a lot of the talent, but Where’s the love?

        • I disagree. He is a grandslam champion, he was the first undisputed champion (beating the two biggest stars at that time!). The WWE did a lot for Jericho, including giving him his own segment. He is, in my opinion, not great as a top face. As a heel, he is definitely in the top 5.


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