Clarification on Taeler Hendrix Being “Too Heavy” for TV


Apparently there is some confusion about the remark from Taeler Hendrix claiming that Dixie Carter said she was “too heavy” for television during a recent interview on the Greg DeMarco Show.

After the interview highlights got a lot of coverage online, DeMarco clarified that the “too heavy” remark did not come from Dixie Carter directly, writing on Twitter, “@Taeler_Hendrix’s “heavy for TV” comment was not direct from Dixie Carter. It’s placement after the Dixie question caused confusion

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  1. Yeah she’s so heavy she makes Joesph Park and Samoa Joe look terribly skinny. We really don’t need someone like her on tv with all the other health conscious wrestlers at TNA

  2. How creative. They named her Taeler instead of Taylor. Gimme a break. I stay away from all of TNA. You should too.


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