CM Punk Comments on Randy Orton Fan Attack & More


As noted earlier, CM Punk was recently a guest on Rosenberg Radio. Here are some highlights from the interview.

Is it somewhat intimidating to work with Brock Lesnar: “I’d probably be remiss if I said no, but I don’t think Brock’s dangerous or anything like that. He just brings a different persona and a different aspect to the game. I like that. I think I’m one of those guys that sometimes needs a little prodding and poking to get the best out of me. You do this so often and you’re on the road so many days and you have so many matches. I think this one’s going to end up being not just another match.”

What does he think of the Randy Orton fan attack incident: “My first reaction is it bums me out, that anybody would want to do that. A lot of people might think I’m comparing two things that aren’t really alike but honestly, the first thing that popped into mind is when Dimebag Darrell got shot on stage. What if that dude had a knife? What if that dude had a gun? We don’t know and it sucks that anybody would want to do that. Security to me, isn’t at fault because if somebody wants to do something that stupid, chances are if they’re that methodical about it they’re going to get it done. It sucks. It sucks that as performers that is still one of the things we have to worry about instead of just trying to entertain everybody.”

How would he have handled the fan attack: “I don’t know how I would have handled it. It’s one of those things that you don’t really know until you’re put in that position.”

What does he think of Riley Cooper’s recent racial slur: “I would say that most of the teammates, and rightfully so, have probably lost a lot of respect for him. I for one, don’t really respect anybody that listens to Kenny Chesney, first of all [laughter] Just kidding. Sorry, I had to try and lighten the mood because it is a serious topic. I don’t even know if calling what he did bone headed even does it justice. I’ll be honest I haven’t seen the clip, I just know he dropped some N bombs. I do firmly believe that there’s no such thing as bad words, there’s just bad intentions, but that’s just one of those words, actually, I’ll be honest, if you’re a white guy, you don’t use.

“God, I could talk about this and it’d probably wind up getting me in trouble, because when I say you don’t say that in public, it doesn’t mean you run around your house and drop N bombs either. It’s a super sensitive issue and to me, it’s like abortion. I don’t think believe that a bunch of 50 year old white haired men need to be making decisions on what a woman can and cannot do with her body. I’m a white guy. N bombs and a lot of racial stuff, I can’t really relate to. To me it’s just one of those topics I can’t weigh in on it because somebody can tell me I don’t know and they’re right, I don’t know.”

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      • I know it was semi real, I only say semi real because WWE thinks people believe it was a fan. Staged of course because security would’ve tackled the person before he jumped the barrier if it was just a fan

        • it wasnt f***ing staged bro! none of it was fake so it was an indy guy so what? wwe didnt hire him it might as well have been a fan

          • I see someone is really sensitive about me saying it was staged huh. Sorry but it was, anything like that is staged, you need to grow up and realize WWE is one big soap opera bro!

          • where is your proof that the “fan” attack on Orton was staged? Were you there in South Africa when it went down? Yes the person that attacked Orton is supposedly an Indy wrestler in South Africa…. when asked why he did it, he said he does not like Randy Orton… so take that for what it is worth…
            I would imagine that most of us know that ALL professional wrestling is scripted… so I am going to guess that when a wrestler is legit injured he is only faking to further a storyline? Yea right… There have been incidents were fans have gotten passed security and jumped the rail and gotten into the ring and those were not “staged”….

          • My proof is it’s all staged smart guy, you even said so yourself. He said he hates Orton so what, I hate Orton to. It’s funny how someone can get so mad over my comment. Yes WWE let the guy do it to get publicity for the guy’s wrestling promotion. Did it work? I say yes

          • Listen BRO – we all know WWE is entertainment and the outcomes and results of the matches are staged. This isn’t a forum to approve or deny the validity of pro wrestling. You need a brain scan or something… I hear something tinkering around inside your head every time I read a pathetic response from you on this matter. We all know WWE is a big soap opera. Now go away you dirty whore.

        • Wow, you really are stupid. So we’re sat here to believe that EVERY time security exists in position ready to stop fans from entering the ring that they’re always going to get those who try? Some people at the right place and right time won’t be stopped. F*** off, man.

    • more like new low for you people actually thinking everything is fake…moron there was a court date look it up they dont joke about the law

      • Court date? They want the die hard fans like yourself to believe it’s all true. No need for rudeness. It’s funny you say they don’t joke about the law yet apparently you forgot (or were too young) to remember the Vince dying in a limo storyline, where they had a whole police investigation for it.

        • It seems your parents failed in teaching you the difference between fact and fiction; and likely also the difference between right and wrong, too. Dude… you are an idiot for believing everything you see, and not believing things that are real, too. What an asshole…

        • I will not disrespect you by calling you dumb or anything..I will let you know that if there is in fact a court date, then this is very much real…Judges don’t take too kindly to jokes, let alone wrestling storylines..for what it’s worth…working as a court clerk for the past 3 years…

          • Where do you people read that bs? Did say it? If so it’s 100% fake. I even googled it and no such case found, sorry to once again burst you hardcore believers

          • I said a key thing in there..” IF ” ..I never said there was just letting you know that IF it were, take that as a fact that its real…From my own personal experiences..Judges don’t like/get jokes…

          • I’m confused by your approach….You asked me did “Where do you people read that bs? say it? If so it’s 100% fake.” But then put up another site to read about the same thing. Could somebody else not draw the same conclusion that you originally did, in regards to this being a work? I’m just saying. I stand in the middle. meaning : 1) I don’t really care 2) To each his own…I can’t tell you you’re wrong no more than you to someone else . Why be the smasher of dreams?? Let people believe what they want…and all they really have is a fanvid , some sad sack of an Indy wrestler and his reason and people’s opinions… Some you can sway, some you can’t …Sadly , your hope for everything resting will never come because there are 2 sides to the fence and not many people stand in the middle

          • I hit reply to the wrong person relax. I get like 8 emails a day from people complaining about my comment. I know you weren’t one of them so calm

          • hahaha..calm…not that serious..your explanation pretty much summed up the mix up…I’m not gonna mark out over a mistake…

          • You wouldn’t believe how much hate I got for my saying it was staged. WWE has some die hard fans thinking its all real.

    • You’re an asshole to think this. If it really wasn’t a fan that attacked Orton, you’d see him being promoted the next night. What kind of a moron are you, anyways? You’re just another buffoon that doesn’t know anything about the sports entertainment industry. F*** you.

  1. I really thought I was about to read something to roll my eyes to, but he actually hit it on the mark about the fan incident. Although there’s more to this piece of “news” than the advertised title.

  2. I’ve heard of many incidents of wrestlers being attacked inside and outside the job because of fans that think that wrestling is real. I witnessed an incident in a match between Rey Mysterio and Psychosis. Rey Mysterio defeated Psychosis, and an angry Psychosis proceeded to really beat the s*** out of Rey Mysterio. I mean, you had to be there. This work done by Psychosis looked very real, like what you see in an action flick. A lot of the fans, not knowing it was a work, were so outraged by the injustice that they began to get involved. One physically grabbed Psychosis by his horned masked and spun him around with great control, getting him away from the fallen Mysterio. Psychosis, wearing a mask and not having eyes in the back of his head, was helpless. They had to clear the locker room to separate those ringside fans from the luchador. Anyway, my point isn’t that wrestling is fake, most of us (I hope) know its scripted and that it can be dangerous and very real. My point is that some people need to grow up and realize that these guys are simply actors with muscles that do a job.

  3. I see why a lot of people want to say it’s fake, especially after the CM Punk issue not even creating this much buzz. I don’t know, if nothing story line wise comes up in the next month then you know it’s real. The Dean Ambrose/ Mick Foley incident was definitely a work and they never turned that into a story line but it did create a name for Dean Ambrose. A little off topic but The Eddie Guerrero incident when the fan got involved in a ladder match was funny, Eddie smacked him good.

  4. Don’t understand how people think this guy was allowed by WWE to jump the barricade …did you see his “promo” ? Not even to appease some low ranking South African promotion as a joke would they ( wwe ) let dude in. So for all those who like to umbrella things like the rest of the humanoids , I’ll try and explain this 2 ways. Yes all wrestling matches and the outcomes that EFFECT said matches are staged/planned/predetermined etc….But some scrawny indy reject or any other crazed loon willing to do some harm to the (i hate to say this ) Entertainers…bleh…can’t always be considered staged. You have to ask yourself a very simple question….What possible gain will this have for WWE?? If you are a fan then you should know Vince does everything for reactions that will lead to a payoff. This was NOT one of those things…You’re Welcome…


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