CM Punk on Meeting Dana White, Divas Division, WM29 Attire & More


As noted earlier, CM Punk appeared on The MMA Hour. Here are some highlights.

If WWE is dropping the ball with women’s wrestling: “Are they looking at it like that [as a money maker]? Probably not. Should they be? Yeah probably, maybe. There’s a big difference between what I do and what the fighters do, I have had this discussion many many times, also there’s a lot of similarities. But yeah, the women are red hot right now. You’d think on the pro wrestling side to try and capitalize on that.”

If there was heat for him attending last Saturday’s UFC event: “No. Nobody really talks to me. [laughter] No, I don’t think it’s an issue. I just think that before it was hey let’s do this it’ll be fun it’s in Chicago and for whatever reason he couldn’t stop to it.”

What he discussed with UFC President Dana White: “Just the fights and he was happy that, we always discuss how I can never come out to one of these things [fights]. We just discussed that. He said he was happy that I was finally there and I said you might not be able to get rid of me now.”

If he’s getting paid to wear the Gracie sweatshirt he wore at Wrestlemania: “I just don’t have any other clean clothes. No, I just think people need to know I represent the family and jiu jitsu because I love it and people ask me all the time if I roll or that awful question: do you train bro? Yeah, this is what I do. I guess it’s just me and what I do and I’ve done it before with other friends, my friends that are in bands. I rep the T shirts, I rep them on TV. There’s a lot of eyes on Monday Night RAW every Monday or whatever. I like to expose people to maybe something I feel that they don’t have in their lives that they need in their lives.”

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