CM Punk & Steve Austin Exchange Words on Twitter


CM Punk and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin went back and forth again on Twitter Saturday night during the UFC 162 pay-per-view event.

CM Punk@CMPunk
Boetsch was winning until @steveaustinBSR jinxed him. Way to go Steven.

Steve Austin@steveaustinBSR
@CMPunk chump ass punk.

CM Punk@CMPunk
@steveaustinBSR stunning tweet.

Steve Austin@steveaustinBSR
@CMPunk What?

The two have exchanged words numerous times in the past on Twitter and in promotion for last year’s WWE ’13 video game, that featured both men in a “what if?” scenario. The two have been speculated that if Austin was to return to the ring, ideally his opponent would be CM Punk.

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