Headlines Could Ric Flair Be Returning To WWE Full-Time?

Could Ric Flair Be Returning To WWE Full-Time?

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Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It turns out that Ric Flair’s appearance on RAW last week was quite the boon to WWE and has prompted discussions of having him return in a regular role to television. According to sources, Flair’s appearance on RAW resulted in the largest quarter-hour rating for the show, helping it draw a 3.25 overall household rating during a week that no one expected a big number from.

There is now at least some level of discussion in terms of giving Flair a regular role. Of course, his popping the rating could easily be due to the fact that we haven’t seen him in a while on TV and he wouldn’t necessarily pop every show that he was on once he became a regular appearance and no longer a “special attraction,” but that hasn’t stopped the idea being floated. As previously reported, an offer is on the table for Flair to make a regular return if he gets his personal affairs in order.

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