CWF Mid Atlantic Ultimate Survivor 2013 Official Preview – This Saturday Night!

Posted by Pro Wrestling on Thursday, November 14th, 2013



It’s the one night per year when North Carolina’s top pro wrestlers split up into teams. This Saturday CWF Mid-Atlantic presents the ultimate night of gang warfare – ULTIMATE SURVIVOR! The 11th annual CWF Ultimate Survivor is this Saturday November 16th from the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium in Gibsonville, North Carolina.

We’re happy to announce the Midnight Mayhem show from Wilmington, North Carolina will be in the house on Saturday night recording the event for future broadcast on the Midnight Mayhem show that airs al around Wilmington, Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas. For information on Midnight Mayhem visit their official facebook page at The complete event will be up for video-on-demand download at early next week but the ONLY way to see it LIVE is to join us in person this Saturday night at 1001 Springwood Avenue in Gibsonville, just over the Burlington/Gibsonville line past University Drive off Hwy 70. Doors will open at 7 PM and the action kicks off promptly at the 7:30 PM bell time.

Every year CWF presents new and unique twists on multiple person elimination matches as well as classics we’ve done for years such as the Triathlon Survivor Match and Torneo Cibernetico. This year’s card features four survivor-themed matches that will test the endurance of every CWF Mid-Atlantic wrestler.

In the main event of this year’s Ultimate Survivor CWF presents our first ever STEEL CAGE WARFARE match. Popularized by Ring of Honor, Steel Cage Warfare combines elements of War Games with a traditional elimination match. 1 man from each team starts inside the cage and a coin toss determines the advantage and who enters next. The entrants alternate at times intervals until all eight men have entered the cage. THE DIFFERENCE is that pinfalls or submissions can occur at ANY time and when someone is pinned or submits they must leave the cage. So the team that gains the initial advantage doesn’t necessarily retain it throughout the match-up, it’s a constant struggle for the numerical advantage. The bout goes on until one complete team has been eliminated and the remaining wrestlers from the other team are the survivors.

DONNIE DOLLARS challenged NICK RICHARDS to Steel Cage Warfare on November 2 after months of torment and aggravation ever since Richards attacked Donnie and abandoned his teammates on March 30th. MARK JAMES, MATTHEW DE NERO and Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion ARIK ROYAL were quick to join Donnie having all been wronged by Richards in recent months. Richards will be joined by “THE DIFFERENCE MAKER” JASON MILLER who aligned with Richards in May and has been by his side ever since. The duo reached out to “DO OR DIE” CHIP DAY who in his one CWF appearance earlier this year absolutely brutalized both Donnie and de Nero, two men he’ll stand across the cage from this Saturday. Richards needs to recruit one more teammate or risk entering the cage at an automatic disadvantage but thus far he’s been tight-lipped if he’s got a fourth partner. The bout continues until one entire team has been eliminated so he’ll need all the help he can find to survive!

The 3 on 3 TRIATHLON SURVIVOR MATCH as invented by Jushin “Thunder” Liger in 2002 is an Ultimate Survivor tradition and this year trios will be captained by TREVOR LEE and LANCE LUDE. The Triathlon Survivor Match is a 2 out of 3 falls match fought between teams of three. The first fall is a 1 on 1 singles match, the second fall a 2 on 2 tag-team match and third fall if needed a 3 on 3 trios match. The captains determine who from their team to send in for each fall. After their time limit draw on November 2, Lude challenged Trevor to start the match 1 on 1 captain versus captain and Trevor has accepted. So it’ll be a Trevor Lee vs. Lance Lude NO time limit rematch in the first fall of the Triathlon as they must go until there’s a winner. Rampaging rookie AARON BIGGS and Rising Generation League Champion CHRIS LEA volunteered for Lude’s team after Trevor and running buddy Chet Sterling attempted to ruin the Rising Generation League tournament last week. The Aftermath’s “Head Honcho” picked his running buddy CHET STERLING and PWX I-TV Champion “MR. ELITE” DREW MYERS to complete his trio. We know that Sterling and Lea will go 1 on 1 at Battlecade 14 in December in the finals of the 2013 RGL Tournament and Myers has an axe to grind with Chris Lea after Chris sent him to the hospital with stitches in their October 19th RGL Championship Match. Biggs has issue with Trevor and Chet after their double-teaming caused him to be eliminated from the tournament so there’s a LOT of bad blood in this one too.

This year CWF is excited to bring back the 8 on 8 TORNEO CIBERNETICO for this year’s Ultimate Survivor. For the Torneo Cibernetico teams of 8 form a “batting order” that must be strictly adhered to throughout the bout. You can only tag out to the next man in your team’s line-up and once you tag or roll out you go to the back of the line-up. Eliminations can occur at any time by pinfall, submission or disqualification but the Torneo Cibernetico is also unique from any other survivor match because there can only be 1 winner. If an entire team is eliminated but more than 1 wrestler from the surviving team remains, they must split up to fight each other until there’s 1 sole survivor. A regular attraction in CWF Mid-Atlantic for years this will be the first Cibernetico since 2009 and it is loaded with all-stars – literally!

Coach Gemini has drafted a “Great Eight” for his team including former Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Champions ROY WILKINS & WALTER EATON, former Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion RAY KANDRACK, 440-pound MECHA MERCENARY, the furious MICHAEL McALLISTER, Dominican-born MANNY GARCIA and rising stars SMITH GARRETT & CHARLIE WESTON. They will face a team dubbed the “People’s All-Stars” of 6-time former Mid-Atlantic Champion “THE 1ST” RIC CONVERSE, 2-time Mid-Atlantic Champion ROB “BOOGIE WOOGIE MAN” McBRIDE, MATT HOUSTON, LOUIS MOORE, former Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Champions THE KILLBILLIES and current Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Champions LEE VALIANT & KAMAKAZI KID! The 8 men comprising the “People’s All-Stars” have held over 200 regional and world championships combined while the Coach has recruited some of the Mid-Atlantic’s hungriest mercenaries to join his All-Stars for the night and form a great eight.

On October 19th, CHASE DAKOTA captured the Mid-Atlantic Television Championship the biggest win of his career since graduating from the CWF dojo in 2007. With something to prove after Dakota insisted that for the entirety of his championship reign he would draw the challengers at random from a box containing the names of everyone on the active roster. So far he’s put down RGL standout Chet Sterling, rookie Jesse Ripper and heavy hitting veteran Donnie Dollars. In keeping with the theme of survivor matches Dakota has offered to draw THREE names this Saturday night and defend the title is a four way elimination match at the 11th annual Ultimate Survivor. He won’t know the challengers until he draws their names at match time but THEY won’t know they have a championship opportunity until match time either. It’ll be four men in the ring at the same time and all action for the Television Championship!

Join us live at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium Saturday night November 16 for ULTIMATE SURVIVOR! For late breaking news join the event page on facebook at and follow @cwfmidatlantic on Twitter. The full event will be available next week on demand at for just $2.99!

If you’re near Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Danville, Burlington or Chapel Hill make your places to join us LIVE this Saturday night! Visit for all the details.


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