Dave Bautista Responds to WWE Return Report


Former WWE Superstar Dave Bautista responded to reports that circulated earlier this morning that he is currently in talks with Triple H about a WWE return. Here is what he wrote on Twitter:

“Holy sh*t!! Im in negotiations with HHH to go back to the WWE! Apparently Im asking for a short term contract! I hope I asked for big money!”

“Please let me know when Im going back! And what I said to HHH. Id like to know. I feel left out! #rumors”

“Not that it wouldn’t be nice…just don’t want anyone to buy into bullshit rumors. I haven’t talked to Hunter. And Im tied down for awhile”

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  1. dave batista is hands down the most talentless guy to make it so big in wrestling. he was also one of the biggest d***s and id rather have mickie james in the wwe then him..

    • WOW what do you have against Mickie James lol? You said rather which indicates the lessor of two evils so I’m asking about hers.


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