Dave Bautista’s Film Dominates Box Office


Former WWE Superstar Dave Bautista’s new film “Riddicks” appears to be the top grossing new film of the weekend. The film is estimated to make between $18-$19 million this weekend.

Bautista is scheduled to be in a much more higher profile film next summer – Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Attacks Fan….


  1. Bautista”s film? Vin Diesel said he mortgaged his house to get this movie out. What did Dave do?

      • No Im a lunatic you must be a be a bustista fan just didn’t see him on the trailer at all next time you call somebody retared put you re face in ***hole

        • Yes cause stating a fact makes me a fan… Maybe you shouldn’t make things up, then people wouldn’t call you retarded.

          • only one retarded ***hole here thats you you resort to name calling wonder why told you im a lunatic could say little retarded who knows not make up look at the damn trailer you besides im also a fan haven’t seen Reddick yet and if Bustista makes it all the way My Apologies but name calling its personal wonder if you got the wevos to back it up damn***

  2. Wats with wrestlers-using Vin diesel to push there film career. I wanna see the new ridick but not cause of batista

    • what other wrestler used diesel to push their career. im guessing you gknna say the rock but the rock had a decent movie career going on before he joined the cast of the fast five.

  3. I was going to say that they finally found his talent but someone said he died before the trailer so I’ll just say I’m glad he’s in a good movie lol.

  4. I’m sure Riddick dominated the box office all because of Dave, whoever wrote that it is his movie needs a reality check.


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