DDP: ‘I Was Set Up By Nancy Grace!’ + More


DDP spoke with the Undisputed Wrestling Show and touched on a number of topics, most notably his interview with Nancy Grace following Ultimate Warrior’s death. Check out the highlights:

On his experience on the show: “First of all, I wanted to leave. Oh my god, this woman was so nice to me when I walked in there. Once she started hitting me with that deal, I got scared. I go ‘Oh my god, she set me up, so should I get up and walk away? How is that going to make the business look?’ I breathed, I focused on breathing…The only thing I could think of at that time was that WWE has the best wellness program, better than the NBA, NFL, MLB, so I think that is fighting for the company. I thought about firing back at her (Nancy Grace), but it was a really weird situation. I can’t put that b–h over. I can’t talk about her anymore, I want to strangle her. The last thing I want to be is in that position. The way it was told to me is that I saw four questions. I said ‘I don’t know about this’ and Nancy Grace said ‘No, it’s gonna be a feel good piece.’ When I walked in there, she was so sweet to me. She totally set me up.”

On the graphic shown during the segment of the various wrestlers who died young: “I never saw that! That totally blindsided me. I will never do that b–h’s show again, I can guarantee you that!”

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  1. You could tell that he was shocked at what she was saying. But he did an awesome job. If he stood up and walked out, I think it would have made him look like a punk, and wouldn’t have been good for the business. I give all kinds of props to DDP for trying to make the best of a bad situation.


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