Dixie Carter Addresses TNA Talent Prior to Destination X


Prior to the Destination X show in Louisville, Dixie Carter addressed the TNA talent claiming that everything was fine within the company and that there have been many misunderstandings. Dixie explained that the reasoning for the recent departures was to make the promotion a stronger company.

As of this writing, no one has been publicly named the head of creative following Bruce Prichard’s departure. Eric Bischoff has resumed the role until they find someone suitable to fulfill the position on a permanent bases.

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Source: F4WOnline.com


  1. And after the titanic hit that iceberg an started sinking, the captain told his crew to tell everyone that everything was ok…….. tna is a sinking ship is the point I’m gettin at

  2. Usually i get that pep talk on Friday and my job ends on Monday or i get it on Monday and my job ends on Friday, good luck in Sept everyone.


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