D’Lo Brown Discusses Working for AJPW, If He Missed Being in the Ring & More


D’Lo brown was recently interviewed by Brian Fritz of Betweentheropes. Here are some highlights:

On whether or not he was open to getting back into the ring while he worked for TNA wrestling: “I was open to doing it. I told them I didn’t mind doing it on short stints which was fine with me. I’m the most comfortable in the ring so there was never a nerve issue (of returning to the ring) at all. I was just more worried about could I still perform at the level that I knew I could, that I used to. That was answered pretty quickly. So, from that point on, I had no problems getting back in the ring and having fun.”

If he realized he missed being in the ring: “Yes. I think it was that match with Kurt Angle, that night in the hotel I was like ‘you know, there’s something about that’. Wrestling’s a weird thing… once you have it in your blood, it may go to sleep for a little while but it wakes right back up. I missed it a lot.”

On being back in the ring with All Japan Pro Wrestling and not working in the United States:
“I’ve always had a love affair for Japan. It was a place that gave me creativity to work the way I wanted to and not be constrained. And besides, I’m not going to hold any punches, I’m a little older so most companies in America aren’t even interested in a little older wrestler but in Japan your age is revered. It was a nice, easy place to go to, nice transition and I’m very comfortable with that style. It was easy to fit right back in.”

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