Dolph Ziggler on Being a Flair Fan Growing Up, Rock’s Part Time Status & More

Posted by Steve Carrier on Monday, April 15th, 2013

dolph ziggler

Dolph Ziggler was interviewed by The Rise Guys. Here are some highlights.

Does he hate John Cena: “Yep. Question number two.”

If most male wrestling fans over the age of 16 hate Cena: “It depends. What he represents for our company is awesome. He is our franchise guy. He’s the go to guy. He’s never not delivered with something. He connects with the crowd. He’s a great guy to have as the face of the company, for now. Until I’m ready. So for right now, baby steps made. New World Champion. I got my lovely lady next to me, AJ. And we also have Big E and I think over the next couple weeks and months we’re going to make some great strides. I think it’s going to be a show, Monday’s and Friday’s are going to be about us because we’re starting to draw attention.”

If Big E Langston is the illegitimate son of Mark Henry: “[AJ Lee speaking] Is he the hand? [Laughter, Dolph Ziggler speaking] We saw the grown up hand at RAW 1000, it looks nothing like Big E.”

His opinion of The Rock’s part time status: “The Rock is not just a huge movie star, he’s one of the biggest stars in the entire world. If you don’t think that it’s a smart business move to have one of the hugest stars in the entire world going head to head with our biggest franchise player on the main event of our biggest show of the year, that’s just dumb. It’s going to come out, it’s great business. It’s great to have him back, but it also really makes me angry. Angrier than you can even imagine because I want to be in that spot. I want a full time guy to be there every single night doing what we do best, giving back to our fans. Live events, pay per views, Monday Night RAW, Friday Night Smackdown, name it and we do it every single night. But it’s a special attraction to have guys like that back and it’s just good business.”

If he was a Ric Flair guy growing up: “Absolutely. At a very young age my uncle showed me Beta tapes of Ric Flair and when you were supposed to you know, eat ice cream bars with Hulk Hogan and look up to that guy, and I had the sand weights that leaked [laughter]. And he was like okay cool, this is the guy [Hogan] and at a very young age I go wow, no Flair is the guy. This guy looks cool. He’s like a James Bond guy in a suit, girls around him, goes out there, has the best match. Right back onto the helicopter, gets out of there with the Horsemen and those go out to party all night and probably not sleep.”

EXCLUSIVE: Two Problems with the WWE’s Part-Time Monster

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