Dolph Ziggler Talks Favorite Opponents, Dream Opponents & More


Dolph Ziggler was recently interviewed by DirecTV. Here are some highlights.

His favorite opponent: “Me and Kofi Kingston have fought each other so many times, that it has become laughable. But every time we get out there, it works. It’s something fun. They like Kofi, they hate me, they hate both of us and it work. We have these totally conflicting styles. He’s a good guy that bounces around. I’m the bad guy that likes to stick it to everybody. We have a chemistry that is amazing. There is a reason we are always in matches against each other. And every time we try to make it better and try to bring the best out of each other. We try to outperform and exceed each other athletically. And hopefully in 20 years, when people talk about Steamboat and Flair, people will talk about Kofi and Ziggler. That we go out and gave it our all and tried to make it different and fun. And made it work. Hopefully it will be on a bigger stage one day. And lately, me and Del Rio. When we get out there it just clicks. You can tell when guys like Randy (Orton) and Del Rio are out there. They don’t even have to try. They are that good. They just have it. And then there is someone like me who is trying to prove he is has it and is as good, we just have a great chemistry out there.”

His dream opponent: “Shawn Michaels, and not me in Spirit Squad like I was a few times (laughs). I mean me now. I’ve never been more comfortable in the ring. I am having the time of my life every time I go out there. I feel like I am better than everyone else on so many levels. And I know, in my head, he’s the greatest of all time and I’d love to go toe to toe with him, In an ironman match. Where we go out and try to outdo each other and out sell each other. That’s what makes a great match.”

Favorite SummerSlam moment: “I’m bad at remembering things, but I’ll always remember this one. Mr. Perfect vs. Bret Hart. There is such a special look in their eyes. That something as basic as a headlock take over, which is a basic move in our business, you can see them just connect and flow and everything was so crisp. When you can make a basic maneuver look like that, it is just special, you are so damn good at what you do, and people just can’t look away when you start getting into the bigger moves. Which they did every single match, but I specifically remember this one at SummerSlam. And Perfect’s singlet gets ripped halfway through the match (laughs) I remember that for some reason. I can watch it over and over. Such a special match between two awesome Hall of Fame guys. That’s what you strive for, to catch people’s attention in the first minute, whether you are a star, or trying to be one.”

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  1. I’m surprised he didn’t mention Bryan…Bryan is far and away better than anyone, if he was in an Ironman match, you’d see moves you’d never know existed…sorry Ziggler.

    • Where are you getting those stats! Michaels is way better Jericho is better Kofi still has a bigger present then Bryan. Kofi may have not won the title yet but don’t let that fool you the energy that Kofi works with his competitor is priceless. Bryan cant even wipe the jock off of when Owen was living. I can go down the line you have 500 moves it gets boring and stupid. And one name Ken Shamrock.

      • couldnt whipe is jock? i love owen but i think you playing into him being dead a little too much. bryan has wrestled all over the world before even being in wwe, hes been named wrestler of the year 8 times,hes a master of all styles, mabye if owen was bryans age now but owen doesnt know half the stuff bryan does

        • Owen did wrestle all over the world he didn’t get master the styles. The Hart school would be enough for anyone. Plus I think his wife kept him level headed. He was the only one that kept his body in shape and not in a drugged up wrestler.

    • Shoot its Ziggler dream opp!!!! Bryan not even close to being a legend yet Hell Punk for that Matter isn’t close to being a legend yet. They are good but They didn’t have the atmosphere that Michaels or Jericho brings. And how can you even put Bryan up there when he has not even went to wrestlemania to wrestle the Undertaker. I give Punk that he be there in a few years being a Indy wrestler is great but Michaels had to earn his way to 1 status they thought he was going to be a tag team the rest of his life and Thank Vince came and helped propelled Michaels career to the top and from the sound of Bryan and Bella he doesn’t want to stay wrestling for long kinda like Punk.

  2. everyone always says kofi is there favorite to wrestle with, its becaUSE THey have fun kofi is everything you could want in a wwe star and just like bryan he makes others work hard.


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