Doug Williams Comments on TNA Release, Ryan Howe Reacts to Gut Check


– TNA added the following video of Ryan Howe’s reaction following his Gut Check segment from last Thursday’s Impact Wrestling episode.

– Doug Williams took a small jab at TNA Wrestling, writing on Twitter, “You know your importance in the scheme of things when your former company don’t even make an official statement about your release.”

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        • you mean in that last month… lol wwe use to release superstars every year. the only reason there are less releases now is because the talent is thin. but tna is just cutting out the superstars who are not being used and will really wont be missed. they still have a roster full of talent, talent wwe will never have like bobby roode, aj styles,kaz,daniels,joe,sabin,aries ,storm,abyss just to name a few ill believe tna is in trouble when there gone

          • TNA does have good young talent. Once they learn to use them correctly, they will become a real force in the industry.

  1. doug williams is so talented and has one of the best finisher in wrestling today. he would fit in wwe nice but hes not a fan from what ive heard.

  2. They buried him so badly that I forgot who he was. I actually had to look up his name. They almost did it with Joey and Matt but they got out in time, I never thought I’d be thanking a company for releasing people but thank you TNA because now they have a chance.


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