Drew McIntyre’s First Indy Date Set + WWE Network Schedule


— The former Drew McIntyre has his first official booking since being released by WWE. Drew Galloway will appear at FWE’s October 3rd and 4th shows in Brooklyn.

For more information, go here.

— Here is the Sunday schedule for the WWE Network’s live channel. All time are EST:

12:00 PM: WWE Beyond The Ring – World Class Championship Wrestling
2:00 PM: Legends of Wrestling – Bob Backlund and Hulk Hogan
3:00 PM: WWE Countdown – Dangerous Divas
4:00 PM: WrestleMania Rewind – Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle
5:00 PM: WWE Superstars replay
6:00 PM: WWE Main Event replay
7:00 PM: WWE NXT replay
8:00 PM: WWE Money in the Bank 2013
11:00 PM: WWE Money in the Bank 2013
2:00 AM: WCW Clash of the Champions (November 19, 1991)
4:00 AM: WCW Clash of the Champions (January 21, 1992)
6:00 AM: WCW Clash of the Champions (June 15, 1992)
8:00 AM: Legends’ House (June 19)
9:00 AM: Raw Flashback (November 28, 1994)
10:00 AM: Raw Flashback (December 5, 1994)

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