Eddie Kingston: Discussing Outlaws, Inc and Chikara

Posted by Nickolas Magee on Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Outlaw_IncEddie Kingston the current Chikara Grand Champion has a history of making an impact and leaving a pathway of destruction and violence.  Eddie Kingston and Homicide have a long, violent history in Ring of Honor.  Unleashing these two flagrant rule breakers just as ROH Match Maker Nigel McGuiness has finally restored “honor” to ROH? What was ROH Recruiting Scott Prince Nana thinking?  We’ve have seen since Eddie Kingston and Homicide returned has left a lot of the ROH locker room and fans completely confused.  They call themselves Outlaw Inc., the formerly chaotic pair now wear suits and shake hands. There wasn’t a single bottle of Drano in sight while they helped set up the ring in Baltimore.  According to Outlaw Inc., they’re here to HELP Nigel McGuinness. While others in ROH sully the traditions and honor of the company, Outlaw Inc. intends to do everything perfectly right (Courtesy of www.rohwrestling.com).

I had the privilege of speaking with the Chikara Grand Champion and one half of Outlaw, Inc. Eddie Kingston to discuss the motivation of Outlaws, Inc., discuss their upcoming ROH World Tag Team Title Match @ Ring of Honor Final Battle 2013 against reDRagons, and finally discuss the story behind the closure of Chikara Pro Wrestling.

1). Eddie, why did yourself and Homicide decide to return to Ring of Honor?

Eddie Kingston: “Homicide approached me one day and said “have you watched Ring of Honor lately” and I said “no”. Homicide suggested watch and check it out. I saw the situation between Ring of Honor and SCUM. Nigel was trying to restore honor back in Ring of Honor after the feud with SCUM. We told Nigel our intentions from day one; to help pick up Ring of Honor, help Nigel in his mission to store glory and honor like “A Phoenix rising from the ashes”. Ring of Honor has the best tag team division in the world and Outlaws, Inc., wants to prove to everyone we’re simply the best”.

2). What’s the overall philosophy and motivation for Outlaws, Inc.? What’s the biggest problem Outlaw, Inc. have with reDRagons?

Eddie Kingston: “Outlaws, Inc., motivation to fight the corporation and not become one. We wear suits to the ring not become the corporation but restore honor and dignity to Ring of Honor Wrestling.

Outlaws Inc 2According to www.rohwrestling.com “Outlaw Inc., fired the first shot by breaking O’Reilly’s fingers at Manhattan Mayhem. Whether or not this was “honorable” remains up to debate, but it definitely got the attention of the tag champions. Since then, Outlaw Inc., have continued provoking reDRagons by “cheering” for them at ringside and deploying other psychological tactics. This new, more calculating side of Kingston and Homicide might make them MORE dangerous than the unpredictably violent men we’ve always known”.

Eddie Kingston: “Our biggest problem with reDRagons, they’re great example of what the corporation want but not what the fans of Ring of Honor want. I have to say reDRagons are great wrestlers, but Homicide and myself can wrestle anybody hold for hold but we’re from the streets. We rather punch people in the freakin mouth”.

3). Whats Outlaws, Inc. strategy heading into your ROH World Tag Team Titles Match @ Final Battle 2013 against reDRagons? Eddie can you guarantee that Outlaws, Inc. will walk out of the Hammerstein Ballroom as ROH World Tag Team Champions.

Eddie Kingston: “Dude, Outlaws, Inc., never have a strategy. Everyone has a game plan until you get punch in the mouth, then the game plan changes. As stated earlier in the interview we go hold for hold with any wrestler but we bring a street mentality, punching people in the mouth. I can’t guarantee we’re going to win the ROH World Tag Team Titles, nothing in life is guarantee, but I promise those two white prison b*^%#!@ will never be the same again after Ring of Honor Final Battle 2013”.

4). Eddie what’s the story behind the closure of Chikara Wrestling Promotion and is there a possibility of Chikara returning in 2014?

Eddie Kingston: “Honestly I do not want to know happen with Chikara. I truly missed the Official Chikara Wrestling Promotion, I receive my wrestling training from Chikara Wrestle Factory and gain a lot of success from competing in a great organization. Many of Chikara performers went their separate ways and started taking bookings with other organizations. The fan desperately want Chikara to come back, but I will say don’t beat a dead horse. Not all things are meant to live forever, just let it die. I know Chikara fans criticize me for not expressing the idea of doing Reunion Shows or live events. I just don’t want to tarnish its memory, like it was with ECW. I love Extreme Championship Wrestling, and of course they bleed it dry; sucking out every dime. Some fans stated it tarnish ECW’s memories, but it did not tarnish my memories of the company because I simply let it go and cherish the memories. I very open to coming back to Official Chikara Pro Wrestling, not a cheap copy promotion”.

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