Ex-WWE Star Talks Old School RAW, WWE Killing Daniel Bryan’s Character, Dolph Ziggler’s Concussion

Posted by Phil Johnson on Sunday, January 12th, 2014


Former WWE Star and ECW Champion Justin Credible has published a new column at PWMania.com. Credible talks about Monday’s Old School RAW, Daniel Bryan’s character, concussions, the WWE Network and more. This week, Larry Sharpe and Danny Cage are on Credible’s Pro Wrestling 101 video series. Here is an excerpt from his article:

“I enjoyed seeing my friends DDP, and a healthy, sober, Jake “The Snake” Roberts. I also saw my childhood hero Ric Flair get more emotion out of the WWE World Champ Randy Orton than I can remember. The New Age Outlaws teaming up with CM Punk actually worked really well. Both Punk and The Outlaws gained from this fun pairing, and most important the fans ate it up.”

“Is it me or is the WWE trying to kill Daniel Bryan’s character off. Daniel Bryan managed to do the almost impossible, and he got over huge without a WWE push. Fans loved him, they loved his work, his gimmick, everything about him. It was organic, and that’s something that doesn’t happen often. The WWE didn’t give him the title, and they should have. Then the teaming up with CM Punk. Now they have taken away any reason for the fans to care. Even if this storyline ends up being ok, it will have effectively killed any momentum he once had.”

“Dolph Ziggler was injured Monday Night in his match with Ryback. The injury took place after Ryback blasted him with a clothesline. Ziggler was later diagnosed with a concussion. This is Dolph’s 2nd concussion in less than a one year period. I hope that he recovers fully from this. I know from experience that these types of injuries can really change you as an athlete. I came back from a terrible concussion in ECW 2 days after the initial injury. It took me months to recover. Double vision, nausea, and vomiting. I remember trying to drive from Philly back home to CT, and having to pull over every 10 minutes to puke.”

You can read Justin Credible’s column, “The Justin Credible Report” in its entirety at this link.

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  • Eyam Ova-Urazis

    I was going to say “who gives a shit about Justin Credible’s opinion?” Then I thought “Who gives a shit about my opinion of his opinion?” Then I figured I don’t give a shit about your opinion of my opinion about his opinion.

    • Negatist

      But I care even less than a fraction of a shit of all of that useless response. What does that tell you?

      • Eyam Ova-Urazis

        For your answer, please refer to the above comment.

        • Negatist

          You’re lazy… too lazy to retort in a manner that might make you look worse than you already do. Just a clown is all you are. No surprise.

          • Eyam Ova-Urazis

            Ohh name calling! I’m so hurt. Is that what is supposed to make you look smarter than me? hahaha Run along, son.

          • DisqusV

            If one really wants to get to Negatist, just ignore him. Notice he replies to almost everyone with insults hoping a reply in return for conversation. Real tragic case.

          • Eyam Ova-Urazis

            Classic troll behavior.

          • Negatist

            It’s not trolling, it’s cleansing. Wake up.

          • Negatist

            No, the problem here is that fans of pro wrestling typically need a wake-up call. When I see idiotic posts and responses, I come in and correct the behavior. Then, I get thrown under the bus for whatever reason, and yet I’m the one trying to do good unto others by enlightening them of their grave shortcomings.

          • Mike Arienti

            Stop trying to correct morons. They’re too dumb to realize how dumb they are.

          • Negatist

            Listen… morons like Allan anger me so much, that I actually have to voice my concerns upon them. No matter how dumb they are, it’s a requirement of mine.

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            The description, “lazy” is not name-calling. It’s describing you perfectly, actually. I am smarter than you. You truly are a clow, and again, that’s not calling you a name, that’s stating a fact.

          • Eyam Ova-Urazis

            “I am smarter than you.”

            LMAO Dude, It was “clown” that I was referring to as name calling. Come back when you’re out of elementary school. Then you can sit at the grown up table and we’ll talk.

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  • JG40

    But if Bryan can win the title as a pseudo bad guy, what could be better? The crowd can’t help but cheer for him, weather he’s bad or not, and I can’t wait to see him tag with Wyatt.

    • Negatist

      …you mean a tweener, wiener?

  • Negatist

    Justin Credible, you’re anything but credible. You’re a never-was with nothing intelligent to say. Anyone believing Daniel Bryan’s character is going to be killed off because they aligned him with the Wyatts is out of their mind. The Wyatts are on their way up, and the way I see it – Bryan is there to bring them up to be big stars, which he is already, and in the “graduation” of all of this, Daniel Bryan will have even more momentum because the whole faction will turn face, and he’ll probably get the WWE title. So fuck off, not-so-Credible…

    • Zuckerton

      Yeah, what does Justin know about wrestling, he’s only been doing it professionally for the last 22 years.

      I’m pretty sure he knows more about what goes on behind the scenes than you do.

      • Negatist

        He was too busy messing up his career to know what was going on behind the scenes. The guy was on drugs, and never had any talent anyways. Why do I have to point these things out to you people?

        • Steve Pereira

          What wrestler before this pussy pg kiddy oriented wrestling wasn’t on drugs. The dude might of never been more than a mid carder but he has more backstage experience than some dude who watches it n thinks he’s an expert. You have to point this shit oit because your points are worthless

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  • http://www.effyou.eff/ namelessnutt

    He knew something was wrong with him, and yet he kept driving? Am I reading that right?

  • mike

    all this name calling….first of all its pro wrestling…so unless your actually wrestling and makin big money doin it….your just as big a bore as I am posting here.its not real….it is entertaing at times…just another part of life…some of you have WWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to much time on your hands

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