Ex-WWE & WCW Wrestler Takes Aim at Triple H


Former WWE and WCW wrestler Paul Roma still harbors hatred toward Triple H, who was buried by the Chief Operating Officer years ago in WWE’s video release spotlighting the Four Horsemen. Triple H questioned Roma’s inclusion in the group in 1993, and dismissively referred to him as a “job guy from WWE.” In a preview of his newly released shoot interview with RF Video, Roma takes aim at Triple H.

In response to Triple H’s remarks, Roma says, “If you didn’t take it in your a**, yeah you married the boss’s daughter, I get that. Something’s not right there, that I think we can all agree with. But at the end of the day, you’re not a great f****** worker. You’re not the Ultimate Warrior, jumping up on the ropes. You’re not Hulk f***** Hogan. You’ll never be as big as any of them, or Savage.

“You could write yourself into every WrestleMania, every year, every six months, you’re in another thing. But at the end of the f****** day, you are who you are.”

Roma made similar remarks during an interview in 2008, stating, “Helmsley, you suck, dude! You’re married to the boss’s daughter, who’s running the show. You’re gassed up and when you get off the gas, you shrivel and when you’re on the gas, you look like s***.”

Also in the preview, Roma relays stories on Power and Glory, Barry Horowitz, The Rockers, Ric Flair and cheating drug tests.

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  1. How soon we forget but HHH started off as well, let’s just say Venny Vegas was more popular than his character lol.It’s funny but none of the WWE/F elite were big names in their prior organizations. Hogan was being burried by Gagna. The Undertaker Paul Steve and Mick all were midcarders or lower. Barry Horowitz got better fan reaction as a jobber than those guys got in their first organizations. Still, HHH can’t change history just because he was not invited into that elite group.

    • Triple H referring to Paul Roma as a job guy really doesn’t mean anything. It’s like Bret Hart always said: HHH was a good wrestler, but he really was never anything great. The only reason HHH IS a name of any kind is because he married the boss’ daughter. He’s nothing like Flair on the mic or in the ring, and Shawn Michaels far, far surpasses anything HHH ever did, and there’s many others whom didn’t make a big name for themselves in WWE or otherwise who make HHH look lame.

        • No, Bret had good old fashioned values, and his good morals made him a fantastic role model. Triple H never impressed me in any way at all. Charlie Haas was better than Triple H!

        • Let’s put it like this…IF Shawn doesnt have a hurt back after WM14 and leaves ,HHH doesnt become champ or a player really…ppl forget he was the scapegoat for that MSG incident and was in the s***ter for it….He married into Power, and wasn’t anything more than a multiple time I.C. champ

          • Yes but while he couldn’t absorb damage like Foley the man could take a beating at times. I remember a match he was having with Nash at a ppv years ago (after the whole WWE NWO thing went away), it was a street fight or something. Nash went to swing a barbed wire 2×4 at Triple H’s head and he just dropped his hands and Nash connected pretty good with it.

          • I remember 2 fights they had…are you talking about the 1 in what I think was a bigger Cage than usual?? When Foley was the ref? Not doubting his toughness tho..Geez I tore a quad once , so I give him 100% credit when he tore his AND finished the match..I just think majority of the time he buries ppl HE deems not worthy of a push or the spotlight..sometimes REALLY good wrestlers..Let’s be honest, them pushing Randy as the face is a farce because Orton has a chronic shoulder problem whereas he can dislocate,separate or need surgery at anytime. they screwed the pooch on The Bearded wonder and I’m sure that’s not the last disappointment..

          • Pretty sure the match with Nash I’m thinking of was a street fight or some other no DQ type. They were fighting around the entrance when it happened. Triple H does love to bury people (one reason why Lashley is no longer around) but he’s still one of the better villains in recent memory. Randy’s shoulder also isn’t his only liability. If he fails one more wellness test he’s fired as it would be his third strike. They have dropped the ball with Bryan, don’t want to do anything with Ziggler and I really hope they don’t screw over Sandow. I’d love to see Cody vs Sandow headlining a WM someday.

          • Not anything more than a Multi-time IC champion? He had held the WWF Championship three times before dating Stephanie.

          • I did begin that comment with ” IF SHAWN doesnt have a hurt back ..” Breathe easy dude…

          • Yes, but that has nothing to do with The two statements that follow. If they did, you’d be saying that he wouldn’t have been punished for MSG if Shawn wasn’t hurt.

            Pretty much every big name is only big because someone left or was being punished, so they had an opportunity.

            It’s well known that Triple H was scheduled to win KOR in 96, but lost his push due to MSG. Had he retained his push, Austin wouldn’t have won, wouldn’t have cut his career changing promo and wouldn’t have become a star.

            If Shawn didn’t get hurt, Triple H wouldn’t have become leader of DX, wouldn’t have feuded with The Nation and The Rock wouldn’t have cut the Promos that made HIM a star.

            If Hogan wouldn’t have left, Bret wouldn’t have become as big of a star.

    • Hogan was a HUGE draw in AWA and Japan before WWE…Gagne just wanted everything ..the laughable thing is that still to this day Hogan isn’t considered a technical wrestler , which Gange wanted his champion to be , but anywhere outside the U.S. he had his best technical matches…Dont like the Big Boot/Leg Drop combo?? Blame Vince and Verne

      • No he wasn’t, in fact; he used his real name and even said that Verne nerve would give him a break. He was big with lots of hair but he didn’t look like Hulk Hogan. Terry didn’t draw at all in AWA. Terry was in AWA before WWF and the person on wikipedia that wrote is bio is a trip. Hogan started his career in 1979.

        • Louisa Hogan was in WWWF then AWA/Japan back and forth..then WWE again in late ’83…In AWA he was billed as “The Incredible” Hulk Hogan.they was doing the whole shirt rip and everything only reason they stopped using Incredible was because of the TV show..what are you talking about? Also he was stripped of the AWA title 2x’s after his victories over “Smooth” Nick Bockwinkle…How can you even say none of that was Hogan…If anything he looked better in AWA before he returned back to the now Vince jr ran WWF…only thing you’re right about is the fact that Verne was trying to bank everything, but for the times , Yes he was a draw in AWA

  2. Y do people always say Hhh success is cause he married staph..he was a 6 time wwe champ b4 they even started dating

    • He started dating Stephanie in 2000, Triple H didn’t win his sixth WWE Championship until 2007,

      He DID hold the WHC five times, but didn’t first hold it until 2002.

      • The belt wasn’t long contested by WWE wrestlers in 2002 so that isn’t a knock on HHH. He held the WWE title 2 or 3 times before that though.

        • No, not a knock, just saying that his Main Title reigns prior to 2000 didn’t equal six, as the OP had said.

  3. triple h was putting asses in the seats way before he was married in… he’s an old school guy at heart.. manipulates and learns from the greats. who the f*** else uses the indian death lock anymore or a AA spine buster. People are always gonna put that mark on him because of who he married. Mostpeople are jealous and should know if they want the spot its gotta be earned. Paul Leveque earned his spot by the way he conducted himself his whole career. Ive actually met him while being down here at full sail for nxt. Im a pretty good judge of character, and that guy is one hell of a hard worker at everything he does.

    • then you judged wrong cuz this was the same guy that didn’t believe ANYBODY was worthy of beating him as champ (mainly when he held the WHC )…remember that WWF championship on RAW match vs Jericho that he lost??? Earned?? Yea he earned it…pffft

      • …………………that was a storyline…wow… “ITS STILL REAL TO ME” you should look that up

        • Was that an attempt at some sort of put down? Its a forum dude , I don’t expect ppl to agree with me or even like what I say..you was better off at giving me a thumbs down or whatever instead of THIS?? He wasn’t putting asses in seats alone , 7/10 it was because of the other guy, gimmick, stip ,etc. I think ppl are either on the left or the right .Was he a good worker? Yes. Was he entertaining? Yes. But I disagree with the thought that HE is this great that can pass judgement on others by what he deems to be a “star”. Jean-Paul Leveque. You know that name?You should because he was a jobber in WCW.The very guy putting Roma down .Yea he’s “old school ” alright, in the regards that he takes care of HIS own. And for the record NOBODY has done a SpineBuster like AA , same way nobody delivers a DDT like Jake..I should’ve edited my comment before instead of calling you wrong. Poor choice of wording..Its just a disagreement of opinions.

  4. Triple H is garbage. He considers himself an all time great but knows he isn’t and that burns him more than anything. He’ll keep writing himself into every major angle, not realizing people are bored of him. He’s only this big because of who he married. That’s no secret.

  5. No one should play attention to anything Paul Roma has to say about wrestling, until reading this article, I forgot he was a Horseman.

  6. Roma is one of the most self-destructive guys to ever grace the business. There was good reasoning behind him getting buried and never being able to get over. The guy stunk and never did anything to improve. Roma didn’t understand that Pro Wrestling is more than just having a well built, good body.

    And yes, he WAS an embarrassment to “The Four Horsemen”. Arguably the worst member ever along with Mongo McMichael. Guys that never deserved to be in the greatest stable ever. And is it not ironic that Roma did not mention Ric Flair when talking about guys he thought were great. That’s because this guy never had a clue. Roma was an insult to the business just like Sid Vicious.


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